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Music A song to match your mood


ba-dum tssss. [icon]coffee-pot[/icon]
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    Alright here we go:

    Dawn Chorus by Thom Yorke

    It's one of those songs that's pretty vague and not too straight forward with what it wants to convey, or at least to me, but I think that's the beauty behind it, you know? That aside however, lately I've been feeling a lot of regret and have been learning to… act upon it? However, I can do my best to redeem myself in the eyes of others and become a better person for it.

    To try again, that is.

    Life is a cruel thing, and keeps pushing me down, but I won't let that stop me just yet. I'll keep trying. Differently every time, but hey, eventually I'll get it right. (:
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    Can't let this beautiful thread die!

    David Crosby - Almost Cut My Hair (Demo)

    I love all versions of this song but the unreleased demo with just David and a guitar captures my mood best today.