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Are you currently playing any of the older titles?

  • Yes, in fact. I've been working my way through my collection so I've got a completed Dex in each generation. I've got gens 3 - 9 covered, so I'm working my way through gen 1 now, with a twist.

    My friend got me a bootleg of Pokemon Green (in English) on a cartridge. In actuality, I think it's a minor ROM hack of Pokémon Blue (US), with the sprites and tiles of JP Green used, and Cerulean Cave's layout.
    So in essence, as close to an official English version of Green as we'll get.


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  • I'm currently replaying Platinum but on a calmer pace compared to the crazyness it was my last run.

    I've been on some crazy months since the announcement of the closure of the 3ds online.
    First of all i got my 3DS 2 years ago for my birthday and begun playing and completing Y, after that one i finished Omega Ruby and made my goal to play at least one game (+ remake) of each generation until Alola (haven't got a Switch yet).
    Fast forward to the day before the closure... i played VC Yellow, VC Crystal, imported my old Emerald save, Platinum, Heart Gold, Black, Y, Omega Ruby, Moon and Ultra Sun and managed to get all breedable pokemon with some egg moves from all games, RNG manip'd HG and Platinum for the Cute Charm ID's for the glitch, ACE'd and RNG'd Emerald to get a legit Shiny Mew, SR'd like crazy on yellow for shiny legendaries... man!
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    I have been busy with many other things lately, and when I did have playtime, I preoccupied myself with things that weren't Pokémon. However, now that I am focusing on Pokémon again, I decided to revisit my old games. I am currently enjoying Pokémon SoulSilver now! What about you? Are you currently playing anything old?
    I am currently playing the TCG video game on the Switch, in the Game Boy Bundle.


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    No, but I've thought about trying to do a living dex in gen 3 eventually. It's just that I like to do things 100% legit and GBA/GC games are EXPENSIVE.
    Why Gen 3 specifically, especially when it's hard to come by physical hardware for that?
  • Why Gen 3 specifically, especially when it's hard to come by physical hardware for that?
    I've watched videos of people completing living dex's for Gens 3/4/5; and I find the main appeal of doing a Gen 3 living dex specifically to be the fact that you don't need to rely on other other gens to complete the dex. With 4/5, you still have to transfer a few in from previous games (with Gens 6/7 you just Pokemon Bank in like 90% of them), but you can get everything except Mew with just Gen 3 games and nothing else. I've also never played Emerald or the GC games while I've played Gen 4 and 5 to death, so I feel like I'd just have a more fun time going for 100% on that generation compared to the others.
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