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Are you currently playing any of the older titles?

Sweet Serenity

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    I have been busy with many other things lately, and when I did have playtime, I preoccupied myself with things that weren't Pokémon. However, now that I am focusing on Pokémon again, I decided to revisit my old games. I am currently enjoying Pokémon SoulSilver now! What about you? Are you currently playing anything old?
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    Nice, I also played Pokemon SoulSilver as my first (and for now only) Pokemon playthrough of this year, I didn't have too much free time so it took me almost 3 months to finish it but about a week ago I finally beat Red and finished the playthrough. My next older game I plan to replay this year is one of the Hoenn games (Ruby or Sapphire since I don't own Emerald) because it's been at least a couple of years since I've been to Hoenn and I want to visit it again, but that playthrough won't start until I have more free time than I have now.

    Not a playthrough but I also recently started slowly working on a Battle Tree Super Singles streak on Ultra Sun in hopes of winning 50 in a row to earn a Ribbon for my shiny Wailord and make him my 3DS Ribbon master before transferring him up to HOME. It already has every obtainable Ribbon from the 3DS games besides the Battle Tree 50 streak one so now every couple of days when I'm relaxing and watching a TV show I try to do 10 battles on the side until I hopefully reach 50, got to 43 a couple of days ago but lost to hax so now I'm back at only 20 wins in a row. I got to 50 wins on my Sun version a long, long time ago but that was before I had this Wailord and when these games were the newest ones so I had all of my competitive Pokemon on me. It would be easier to do this again if I had all my good Pokemon still in Gen 7 but most were transferred up to newer games.
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    At the moment no. Last year I did do another run of Soul Silver though. Been more into playing other games lately and have a few things on the backlog, though I think I might get in the mood to play through B2W2 again sometime this year.


    All dreams are but another reality.
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    At the moment I'm probably juggling too many of the classic games. Here are the ones I am currently playing, though I occasionally boot up just about all of them within a few months time.

    Gold - mono-color yellow team challenge
    Crystal - trying to complete the game to catch Celebi before the inevitable closure of Bank
    FireRed - trying to get a shiny Articuno, but about to give up
    Black 2 - trying to complete the story, but I keep switching out team members as there are too many cool Pokémon to use in gen 5.
    OmegaRuby - currently soft resetting for a shiny Reshiram
    Alpha Sapphire - currently soft resetting for a shiny Latios


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    • Seen May 19, 2023
    Yes. I'm almost done with my replays of Ultra Moon and White and I will be replaying White 2 or Soul Silver soon. I've actually never completed a playthrough of USUM before, so I'm excited to see if the post game is worth it in any way.

    Captain Gizmo

    Monkey King
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    All of my challenge runs are on previous gen games from gen 1 to gen 7. Altho, I play FRLG and RSE the most.
    I still didn't buy gen 8 and 9
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    I am doing Ribbon Masters so playing XD: Gale of Darkness for the Earth Ribbon, Emerald, Platinum, ORAS & BDSP for the Contests, HeartGold & SoulSilver for the Legend Ribbon, X & Y for the Kalos Champion Ribbon, Ultra Sun for the Alola Champion Ribbon, Sword for the Galar Champion Ribbon so basically all the games.
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    • Seen Apr 19, 2024
    I'm on hiatus from my Omega Ruby run but will pick it up again :) it is the first time I actually really play it and honestly so far it's possibly been my favorite pokémon game. note that I haven't played any titles past Sun/Moon.
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    • Seen May 20, 2024
    I just finished replaying the main story of Ultra Moon during breaks from Violet.
    I'm working on catching the legendaries now, and may move onto Dex completion afterward.
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    I am re-getting closer to gba games and in that very few free time I am playing Emerald and LG on my microgameboy. I found older saves and decided to keep it going. I had already finished both games, but I restarted a long ago and I will try to finish them. Not making promises, but I'd really like to go farther than usual and try to complete the Dex and even trying to do battle facilities.

    Reginald Cosmic

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    Gen III is my go-to Pokémon experience. There's a lot I really enjoy about it, and I'm really happy playing the Kanto remakes from that gen because Gen I is really weird of course. (Side note: I'm that one guy who's never really taken time to play Emerald over Ruby/Sapphire.)

    I need to finish my existing playthroughs of Gen II and Gen V. I'd like to play Gen I again one day to battle Professor Oak via that one glitch fight.
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    about to finish white 2, and it's better than i remember it. i've spent hours on black 2, but got burned out from gen 5 when it ended. i'm definitely going to 100% the post-game after the elite 4 lmao
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    Not at the moment, but I'm itching to do a randomizer nuzlocke on either Pokemon Platinum or Emerald in the near future~


    Silence is Purple
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    Currently? No. My 3DS is dying (as in the device doesn't turn on unless plugged in), and my DS battery doesn't last long anymore. I also don't have much interest in returning to SW/SH since they killed raid updates.