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In-Game Guide: Best nature for Yamper?

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  1. For most people: Adamant (+Attack / -Special Attack) or Jolly (+Speed / -Special Attack). Wants to run physical moves because of Strong Jaw (as Boltund). Lacks a lot of damage at only base 90 Attack, however. Shores that up with Adamant. Also wants flinches from the Fang moves. Already moves very fast (121 base Speed). Cuts it close on a few (Inteleon at 120 base Speed, Cinderace at 119, Hawlucha at 118...), however. Would not hurt to have the extra Speed as insurance.

    Cannot flinch Dynamaxed Pokemon, as a note. Limits some of Jolly's usefulness. Grabs Volt Switch in the Wild Area, on the flip side. Functions well with good Speed, even with a -Special Attack nature.
  2. In a debuffer role: Impish (+Defense / -Special Attack) or Careful (+Special Defense / -Special Attack). Learns Nuzzle and Charm easily enough. Weakens an opposing Pokemon to allow another Pokemon to buff up and sweep. Picks up Snarl and Eerie Impulse through TMs, albeit fairly late in Sword/Shield. Does not particularly excel at the role, however, due to its poor defensive stats.
  3. With the Hidden Ability (Competitive) only: Modest (+Special Attack / -Attack). Hesitates to mention this. Requires a means to activate Competitive. Learns a poor variety of special moves. Likely uses Electric Terrain + Rising Voltage?

Sweet Serenity

Advocate of Truth
If you want your Yamper to have a certain Nature, what Nature depends on your Yamper's goals in battle and/or whether or not you intend to evolve it. Yamper can be a good physical and special attacker. Thus, if you don't plan on evolving your Yamper, Modest or Adamant would be good Natures. I wouldn't recommend Timid or Jolly because Yamper's base Speed stat is only 26, which is very slow, even for an unevolved Pokémon. Modest could make Yamper's special attacks hit harder. However, note that Yamper does not learn any special moves via level up. If you are able to acquire some TMs and TRs, then you could teach it some moves such as Thunder, Thunderbolt, Volt Switch, and Snarl to make use of a Modest Nature, which boosts Special Attack and decreases Attack. Thunderbolt provides good damage output. If you decide to go for a physical Yamper, I recommend an Adamant Nature, which increases Attack and decreases Special Attack. Physical Yamper hits a tiny bit harder with its 45 base Attack and can provide coverage, as it has access to moves such as Dig, Thunder Fang, and Fire Fang. However, the best STAB move it can have is Wild Charge, which isn't good as Thunderbolt due to its recoil.

If your goal is to evolve your Yamper into Boltund, then you would get a much faster Pokémon that can attack well both physically and specially. If so, I would recommend a Timid Boltund for a special attacker, and a Jolly Boltund for a physical attacker. Timid increases Speed and lowers Attack. Jolly increases Speed and lowers Special Attack. Timid or Jolly ensures that your Boltund would outspeed every Pokémon with a lower base stat no matter what. Boltund also has access to better Abilities such as Strong Jaw and Competitive. If you do go for a special attacker, its Hidden Ability Competitive would be your best bet. It can be activated when your opponents use status moves to lower its stats, meaning it is quite situational. If you go for a physical attacker, Strong Jaw is a good Ability because it boost the power of its coverage bite moves such as Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, and Crunch. At the end of the day, the choice is yours. It depends on the goals of your Yamper/Boltund and how you wish to play.