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    OAK ♢ >:[

    She was angry? Good. Oak laughed mischievously seeing the fury in Nidorina's face.

    She charged straight at them - and that was unfortunate - but they had a lesson to teach her - Kudzu was their little plaything, how dare she touch their toy? - and so they'd suffer a little bit of pain to get their point across.

    Nidorina chomped through them, and for a second their world was in pain.They could barely focus, but they were in point-blank range just like they wanted: there was no way to miss.

    So they spit a couple of seeds and in the blink of an eye they started to grow and grow, until they covered Nidorina. And soon after their Leech Seed started to sap.

    Nidorina recoiled and that was Oak's chance to gain some distance.
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    The poison engulfed the little fur ball almost immediately, and before Elian knew it, it was full-on paralyzed from the immense pain. This wasn't something it was used to. While on the ground, it could see its smug foe get up. It bothered Elian that Nidorino wasn't too hurt; Seismic Toss was something it practiced at home constantly with hay bales and or big rocks. Perhaps the training was all for nought after all? Or this Pokemon was just incredibly resilient...

    "Keep going, King. Scratch them up!" The brown haired man called out in a smug tone, and Elian could see Nidorino closing in quickly, razor sharp claws in full display. Knowing it still couldn't move, it closed its eyes awaiting the worst.


    A figure appeared just in time to counter Nidorino's claws with their blade. Elian looked up and saw Abacus' back side. They were going head-to-head with the Pokemon themselves.

    ABACUSMy turn

    In a split second, Abacus contacted their tanto onto the Nidorino's claws. Elian was already down for the count, and Abacus wasn't about to let the creature finish it off. His face, upon first glance, showed no distinct emotion, probably the most stoic expression one can make. But a closer look into Abacus' eyes showed that a long dormant fire in him had been unleashed. He saw not a Nidorino right now, but instead a murderous feral wolf.

    In a swift motion, Abacus hacked opposite to Nidorino's claws, shredding a bunch of them off. Abacus made sure to sharpen it everyday, so it's no wonder as to why the blade can cut through things easily. The purple creature fell back wincing in pain, but stood up once more, angrier than before. The brown haired man saw this and was livid.

    "What do you think you're doing you little brat!" he screamed, as he sprinted to the action himself. Neither the man's Pokemon nor the teenager saw nor heard him, as they were both blinded and deafened by rage.

    Nidorino lunged at Abacus, horn first, and the latter quickly ducked and waved his tanto upwards, slashing and wounding Nidorino's under belly. A swift kick from Abacus before it reached the ground sent the creature flying and hitting a nearby rock. Red stains splattered on said rock, and Nidorino fell to the ground, wincing even harder.

    Abacus couldn't react right away, before a swift jab was landed on his right cheek, knocking him down. The brown haired man had reached him, and was seeing red. He lifted his foot to stomp on Abacus' face, but the teen regained his bearings just in time and rolled out of the way. He rose back up, and the brown haired man charged at him wildly. Abacus dodged and managed to slash at the man's stomach, tearing his shirt and scarring his abdomen. He winced and put a hand on the wound, seeing blood.

    "Gah! You'll pay for this you little sh-" the man couldn't continue before he started slurring and convulsing himself. He tried to stay up, but the pain was starting to engulf his body, and before long, he too was on the ground in immense pain.

    Abacus was well aware of Nidorino's poison having come in contact with his tanto earlier, and so he used that to his advantage. He looked at both his downed opponents, and thought about ending them then and there, but instead, he managed to come back to his wits and exhaled a deep breath. He carefully slid his blade back on to its holster, taking note to disinfect it later, and took Elian in his arms.
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    SAVANNAin a bush

    Savanna snapped off a piece of the Dream Ilane. It was a scratchy, yet soft plant. Savanna could feel herself growing drowsy. She had taken a large whiff of the plant's powerful odor. But she had a job to do.

    She quickly got up, concealing the piece of the plant in a fist. She saw Cyndaquil and Aipom fighting! All of a sudden, large stars came from Aipom's Swift attack. Both Bella and Cyndaquil were nearby targets. To Savanna's surprise, and amazement, Bella shot out, swiping the stars away, back at Aipom, who was sent flying back. Savanna rushed over. This was her chance!

    She knelt down, and placed the Dream Ilane on Aipom's nose. In just a moment, Aipom was fast asleep, and released grip on the stolen object. Savanna pocketed it, and scooped Cyndaquil up. She rushed to get back to her team. Just as she did, she collapsed, and passed out.
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