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E3 Thoughts: Nintendo


PSA: Blossom Shower theme is BACK ♥
Part 1: Microsoft
Part 2: Nintendo
Part 3: Sony


Last year, imo, was a disaster for Nintendo. Their conference was CHARTS'N'GRAPHS and dull, dull, dull. I went into this year expecting absolutely nothing and was thus very impressed! Still not much I think I'll bother with but... anything is better than last year.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii
:( The "New" in front scared me. I hated NSMB on DS. This looked okay. I had zero interest while watching unless online co-op was available. It was later announced that it's not. Haha, okay. I'll most definitely pass over this one then. Lame.

Wii Fit Plus
orz. Ubisoft is coming out with (in my eyes) a superior fitness game. If I needed a fitness game, I'd go with Ubi's. I ignored this segment for twitter.

Wii Sports Resort
This might have been more impressive if they hadn't demo'd this game last year. Just release it already, goddamn. :( It's no longer interesting. Nothing they did seemed like it needed MotionPlus, either. Oops. :'(

FF Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers
Lol FFCC. No thanks. Looks pretty though!

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
WAY TO RUB SALT IN THE WOUND, NINTENDO. (Yeah, yeah, my copy of the game has yet to arrive.) So glad to see an English trailer though. XION IS SO CUTE. ;~; Release date, too. September 29!

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
The internet has ruined me. I think I spent this whole trailer sitting there going "haha... ha... haaa.... vore. ;_;" I still have to play a M&L game. D:

Golden Sun DS
I was in a few MSN convos with others watching it live and looool they all erupted in "OMG" at this. (I bet you're sick of hearing me say this but) I still have yet to play GS. :( Wasn't too excited as a result.

DS Games
idk there was some Phoenix Wright meets Women's Book Club game, then a tween fashion game, then some GTA-looking game. Okay.

DSi Ware
Still no interest in a DSi. No interest in these games.

Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
:( A still piece of official art. No trailer or anything. Link wasn't even wearing his <a href="http://cherubi.livejournal.com/343696.html">Pi-Face Jacket</a>. ;;

Wii Vitality Sensor
...yeah 'cause I want to be reminded of my hospital stays, thanks. WTF Nintendo. :| You guys were doing so well. What the hell was this?? (I did see one blog's take on it though--this could be neat for games like Eternal Darkness or something where it'll measure your pulse to see how scared you are and make it a gameplay feature, etc. THAT would be cool.)

Super Mario Galaxy 2
I... didn't really like the first. Not picking this up. :(

Conduit, RE: Darkside Chronicles
mmkay. These look interesting but... honestly? ._. Even if the Wii's library seems to be picking up again, the fact that there are so many more interesting games on other consoles means I probably won't get these games. Sigh.

Metroid: Other M
This looks really good. We couldn't believe it was a Wii game. @_@ So pretty! I might actually bother with this one!


I felt almost bad for Nintendo. Their MotionPlus seemed pretty lame compared to MS's NATAL. :( It was only gonna get worse as far as motion goes. Regardless, I was impressed by this conference. I was a little disappointed that Ubisoft mentioned Pokémon more than Nintendo did in their keynote. Haha, what? :(


PSA: Blossom Shower theme is BACK ♥
This is just based on the keynotes. :( I'll probably do an E3 wrap-up post with my thoughts on everything else unveiled.

(Also I don't care much about Nintendo anymore so I don't really care what was talked about there as much. D:)


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Shun the nonbeliever! Shuuuuuuuun!

Ah, well. That was... kinda disappointing, I guess. :( most everything I head about that sounded very good already had a bit of buzz.


one more time
Lake of mention over Cavestory for Wiiware? =P

But agreed - their E3 this time around was far better than last years. XD