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Generation 6 rom hacking help and questions

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    • Seen May 20, 2024
    since x and y came out in 2013 ive always been interested in rom hacking it. Its been about 11 years now, over a decade.
    Ive joined a few rom hacking discord servers but its always hard for me to "get into it" because of all the rules/regulations and all the members. Its just hard for me to really understand everything thats going on as well as the fact that i may have joined too late and so many conversations are going on at once and i really dont know where to start.

    I joined a romhacking rub and asked a similar question on how to hack 3ds games, specifically x and y. My post got deleted because it was a general question, so I went into the question thread and asked the same thing but no one responded.
    To be clear, ive already used things like pkhex to edit either dialogue or pokemon stats, typings, names, moves, abilities etc. Ive made tons of x and y rom hacks like that, but what im really wondering about is how to make x and y rom hacks that have edits to the overworld or trainers. I want to know how to make custom maps or routes in x and y, or even towns and cities. Im playing a rom hack right now called ancestral x and they seem to have been able to move and add certain NPCs to where they werent before.

    There was also this reddit user who i used to follow but deleted their account now, and used to post custom maps they made in gen 6 such as pallet town in the style of oras, or a proof of concept swimming in the little lake in aquacorde town in x and y. The program they used was called something like CTRmap (something like that) and thats how they were able to rom hack the map of x and y.

    Im wondering if there are any tutorials online or anyways where i can learn to not only download the program itself, but learn how to edit and create custom maps, trainers, and areas in 3ds games, specifically x and y.

    Any help as to where i can find the resources/where to look/what to do would be GREATLY appreciated because I really just want to make a custom x and y game for myself and friends to play.

    Thank you