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I just got HeartGold today. :D


...well, it was really yesterday, but my laptop was being too lame to turn on, let alone log into PC to post yesterday. XD

...but that's beside the point. The point is that I love this game. The only thing that's kept me away from it in the past 24 hours is work. D:

Speaking of which...the one thing about the game that I was most skeptical about has achieved my seal of approval...that thing being the pokewalker.

I'm well aware that the average age of PC is noticeably lower than my age, so if Tomagachi and Giga Pets were before your time, you might not relate to the next paragraph.

I'll admit to having had a Giga Pet when I was in elementary school...all the kids did. Mine was a dog that never lived past two weeks old no matter how many times I restarted it. (in hindsight, it was because I never cleaned his fecal matter... o_0) I expected the Pokewalker to be the same thing, only with pokemon. XD

Anyways...as a means of testing my Pokewalker, I ported the first wild pokemon I could catch (a pidgey...) into it and carried it in my pocket all through my work day. I fiddled around with the Poke radar and dowsing machine during my downtime...and I managed to catch a KANGASHAN and a DODUO as well as find a couple of good items like a Burn Heal and a Revive beofre porting everything back into my cartridge. I was surprised when a Sentret randomly appeared in my pokewalker after I had ported my Pidgey back and everything. o_0

I can definitely see the utility of this device in catching rare pokemon and acquiring good items for my main game and intend to have it on me during work for a while longer. XD