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nintendo switch has inferior hardware and becoming outdated.

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    • Seen Jun 7, 2024
    when will nintendo fans realized that nintendo switch can't run big games and games that required powerful hardware.

    like skyrim


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    I don't think anyone's ever really tried to argue that the Switch has ever had hardware specs on par with the other consoles, it's kind of well known that Nintendo's gaming systems have never been top of the line hardware in that regard.

    It is already 7 years old at this point, and Nintendo did say the other day that they plan to reveal their next gaming device sometime within a year.
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    • Seen Jun 17, 2024
    Nintendo is making a new console soon, and the switch runs most things fine for a 2017 console. The only game i would say is utter crap on the Switch is Fortnite bc the Graphics are outdated, and The matches always crash.

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    Even Switch 2/whatever the f they end up calling the Switch successor will be outdated due to their idiotic delay decision


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    I love the example of Skyrim since it was already an extremely outdated game by the time the Switch launched anyway and, as far as I know, people generally agree the Switch version is actually one of the most stable ones?

    Especially now that Playstation is putting their first party titles on PC anyway, it kinda seems like the ideal gaming setup is just PC + Switch, and Switch only for the first party titles that are always so well-optimized because Nintendo is releasing them for their own system that you don't notice if the Switch is less powerful. But anyway it'll still be interesting to see what future Nintendo consoles look like given that Steam Deck is finally something that can compete with the Switch in the handheld department, which imo was the main thing the Switch has going for it (besides first party titles, I suppose).
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    I honestly don't mind or care. I like using my Switch sometimes, but admit I don't use it near as much.
    Especially now that Playstation is putting their first party titles on PC anyway, it kinda seems like the ideal gaming setup is just PC + Switch
    Pretty much, really.


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    Never played Skyrim on Switch but I always hear Persona 5 Royal as the game that highlights how far behind the Switch is. I don't remember the details but apparently some stuff had to be cut and it doesn't run as well? I'm basing this off of very vague memories of hearsay so, grain of salt.

    I don't expect the next Nintendo console to be on par with something like the PS5 in terms of hardware, I don't often find myself stressing about that sort of thing. Nintendo's strength for me has always been the first party games themselves, and the portability of their handheld systems. I imagine a lot of corners were cut trying to make the Switch a completely portable device. I think the Switch has always been outdated, Nintendo's been outdated for so long, and that's just a thing I've grown to accept. I think trying to focus on hardware strength for a Nintendo console is a losing race, because it seems like the competition has been focusing so hard on making the strongest most powerful console for so long.
    If there are multi-platform games I want the smoothest experience on, I'm likely buying them on PC since that's just how I prefer to play a lot of my games.
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    People have said this about Nintendo consoles since the dawn of time and they are doing just fine.

    Nintendo aren't necessarily looking at the same games and market of other companies and have never claimed to have the most powerful hardware, that's not really their philosophy or gameplan. If people want to play bigger games then there are options for that, it's not really why you buy a switch.
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    Also if this were the early 2000s or so on the Internet this thread would have turned worse than it has. So lucky times are different now, OP. I just was thinking this remembering the GamePro Magazine forums and older gaming forums from back then.

    Anyway, I don't have much to say but I agree but like Nintendo games on my Switch.
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    Nintendo isn't a company to focus on raw power in their system. They'd rather have something with weaker specs if it means that the price can be a bit lower than their competition to get it into more households. It still handles a lot of games quite well even today, even if the Switch has been out for the better part of a decade at this point. If anything, they're actually overdue for a new console release, but because the Switch has been doing so well they're taking their time to make sure the next system they release meets the heightened expectations of fans - they don't want to make the same mistakes as they did when they went from thet Wii to the Wii U.