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Pokémon cries - old or new?

  • Pokémon cries got updated starting from XY due to the 3DS's updated technology; some things sound almost the same, but certain other mons feel almost entirely different.

    Are there any old cries you miss?

    I particularly found Charmander's old cry cute but now it just kinda sounds generic and I'm not a fan. Some are cute even if they're quite different - Raichu for example, but I know some people don't like the change made there.
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    50/50 on old versus new. Added extra noises sometimes. Improved some, like Psyduck and Granbull. Worsened others, like Dugtrio and Mr. Mime. Prefers some of the new sound quality, such as Chansey, but less so for someone like Magnemite.

    (Watched this Generation 1 cry comparison Youtube video, for anyone looking for the differences. Posted videos on other generations too.)

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  • For the most part, I like the new cries more than the old cries because the sound quality is better and, for the most part, Pokémon sound more like living creatures now as opposed to sounding like random noise. However, some updates Pokémon cries are worse than the original. For example, I loved Haxrous' cry before Gen VI. In the newer games, Haxorus' cry sounds completely different and it just isn't the same. I also believe that Pokémon such as Combusken, Empoleon, and Honchkrow had better cries in the older games as well.