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[Completed] Pokémon Empyrean [v1.1] (~! Final Arc Released !~)

    • Seen Mar 20, 2024
    Damn sucks this thread seems to be dead. This game seemed like it was pretty big. On the off chance someone sees, I have two issues.

    1) The evolution moves do not trigger. Monferno did not learn Mach Punch at 14, nor did I get the prompt asking if I wanted to learn it. Marshtomp as well did not learn Mud Shot upon evolving at 16 and I made sure to pay attention. I was not asked if I wanted to learn it.

    2) Where is the discord? I cannot find it anywhere. The wiki has a Discord Image but it just links me to the discord website to download it, it does not contain an invite.
    • Seen Apr 28, 2024
    What the hell am I supposed to do?
    I'm trying to do the rainbow quest and everytime I try to take the blueprint from the paint in the headquarter there's that police guy that won't let me do it
    I have beaten the order guy and used the old cellphone after that, what's the problem?

    EDIT : Nevermind it's solved
    Mate how did you solve it??