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FireRed hack: Pokémon Fused Dimensions

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    And Finally 2.0 is here with a lot of changes and fixes, changelog a little further down

    Pokémon Fused Dimensions is a hack of Pokémon Fire Red Created by myself to show my fusions, I plan to make a full hackrom with new story and region in the future, but for now, just showing all the kanto fusions.

    The story is the same as Fire Red (1.0) but with changed gym leaders and elite 4, also a couple of text changes, other than that, same story.

    Since the story is the same I'll just list all the changes to the base game:
    - A dex full of fusions, 376 to be more precise, all of them obtainable.
    - Mega evolution added (yes, some of the fusions have megas).
    - Custom Dex entries for every fusion, as well as the base stats on it.
    - Some of the HMs have a different typing and effect (like Flash 60 power and electric type).
    - Forgettable HMs.
    - Infinite TMs.
    - Physical and Special Split.
    - Fairy Type, and Fairy Type moves added.
    - The last Gym leaders as well as the Elite Four and Champion have Megas.
    - Increased Shiny odds (1/257).
    - Added the item Link Cable to evolve Trade pokémon.
    - All the wild pokémon changed due to their design or lore.
    - Your pokémon won't die to poison outside of battle
    - Gen5 Repel
    - Added difficulty
    - Move relearner in every Pokemon Center

    Bugs and errors:
    - Some statics are out of place
    - Most of the unown palettes are bugged, except for A N Y
    - The overworld sprite for the important trainers remain the same due to problems with the OW editor, so they weren't changed to show the new trainers.

    Some Screenshots:
    Pokémon Fused Dimensions
    Pokémon Fused Dimensions
    Pokémon Fused Dimensions
    Pokémon Fused Dimensions
    Pokémon Fused Dimensions
    Pokémon Fused Dimensions
    Pokémon Fused Dimensions
    Pokémon Fused Dimensions
    Pokémon Fused Dimensions
    Pokémon Fused Dimensions
    Pokémon Fused Dimensions
    Pokémon Fused Dimensions

    Credits to:
    - Sugimori Palettes: The DS-style 64x64 Pokémon Sprite Resource
    - DS-style Gen VII and Beyond Pokémon Sprite Repository in 64x64
    For the Base sprites
    - [Fire Red] Touched's Mega Evolution System (PATCH)
    For the possibility to add megas
    (If you see something yours that I didn't credit or didn't knew were yours, please tell me so I can credit you)

    Also, I just made some docs containing the evolution methods and locations (will update it to the 2.0 version soon)

    And now we have a Discord


    And finally, the patch


    • Fused Dimensions 2.3.ips
      3.6 MB · Views: 11,448
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    • Seen yesterday
    Shiny odds seem off? Got 4 already, haven't gotten to Viridian forest. Seems way higher than 1/400, more like 1/4?

    Inner Rhymes

    Rhythm & Poetry.
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    I dig this massively! Love how you've gone about the fusions in the screenshots. Thought I'd ask, is there a difficulty buff to this? Thanks!
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    • Seen Sep 1, 2021
    My bulbcore's held item was a oran berry, can I find its mega stone somewhere else?
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    • Seen May 28, 2024
    When Braixina evolved into Delqueen , it become really weak ? When i checked it's BST , it has total of 270's instead of its previous evolutions which has 429 BST.

    Is it a bug , or it was intentional ?
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    • Seen Jul 9, 2021
    So i think the document with the info on the pokemon has an error in it, it says Metshrew evolves at lvl 40 but it doesnt, i still havent figured out how to evolve it
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    • Seen Mar 15, 2024
    is it possible to make Raltmander a gallade? cause i got shiny jolly
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    • Seen Sep 24, 2021
    Hello, thank you DanteZ.35 for the making the hack, I have very much enjoyed my time playing the game so far. I know the question was already asked here but I don't think it was fixed. What exactly is metshrew evolution level?