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Ten Things I Think I Think


S P A R K of madness
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    Topic by who-know-you from SI.
    Ten Things I Think I Think
    1. I think black and white will give us some better-than-ever skins for PC. We've been dying for dark skins, and that opportunity is here this generation.
    2. I think I'll post my RMT soon, for all the victims to finally figure out cutekou's specifics. The problem is, I'm too lazy to write descriptions, the team is a bit behind the current metagame (maybe?), and D_A is also lazy.
    3. I think 4/6th of my B&W team has already been decided. Crocs, gears, ELECTRIC PONIES?!, and crazy fire devils. I love the ones revealed already.
    4. I think I'll beat 200 soon in the Arcade, really this time, I mean it. Haha. Finally got the team over to HeartGold, maybe I'll finally post it in the team help forum after I'm done.
    5. I think, if I can get myself off the lazzzz-train, I can revamp my profile, blog, and get around to the Frontier records thread.
    6. I think the BP oil spill has caused me more frustration than a lot of things. I can't stand this, yet I'm powerless to do anything about the situation. You can sure as hell bet I'll never touch one of their stations ever again.
    7. I think walking four miles in the heat to go to the gym was bad idea. I'm sore as all heck today, and I was terrible yesterday for my orientation. But hey, I still made it on time!
    8. I think Anti wants to unlock the S&M DCC just for me.
    9. I think we should get more corocoro leaks, who cares about dates, times and whatever. JUST RELEASE THE GAME SUPER EARLY. D:<
    10. I think I want a Giaru theme more than anything right now.


    fake your death.
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    12. You think Syd is awesome, the best mod ever, and sexy as hell.
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    • Seen May 19, 2024
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    I think this blog was quite interesting and that Tahoma is the best.


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    Hihidoruma >>> Giaru, because Fire > Steel, lol.