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Article: Top 15 Pokémon to use for a playthrough in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Top 15 Pokémon to use for a playthrough in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Top 15 Pokémon to use for a playthrough in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

If you are interested in using different kinds of Pokémon that can help enhance your Pokémon playthrough, then consider this list!

Sandslash Fan

Spikey Boi
  • Oh, I thought Sharpness was a hidden ability for Gallade. I ended up having two of the Pokémon listed - Meowscarada (my starter), and Azumarill (my first tera dungeon encounter). I do use Tinkaton for a lot of raids, however.
    • Seen May 7, 2024
    Its a cruel joke that one of my faves - Gallade - only gets a new ability in the generation after its home region's remakes!

    Perhaps could have been worth mentioning that before it evolves, Meowscarada's line also has a killer combo of Bullet Seed and the held item Loaded Dice. Guaranteed 100 BP, but because its multi-hit you can have crits, break substitute / disguise etc.
    I also have a Charcadet and Finizen in my team when I return to Violet - had no idea about Palafin, just wandered out to the see and "OMG they finally made a DOLPHIN!?!", bred a bunch until I got a half-decent nature with Bounce.

    It sucks that Protean got nerfed, I really couldn't decide between Fuecoco and Sprigatito, the hope of eventually having my starter with that ability wrecking things was the clincher! Especially when it gets a far more varied movepool than your average Grass-type - Thunder Punch! A Water-type attack! Plus it seems unfair that we've had a Water and Fire starter get to wreak havoc with it, but they nerf it when they finally bless a Grass-type with it.
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