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Misheard Whisper

[b][color=#FF0000]I[/color] [color=#FF7F00]also[/c
So this is my second playthrough of SoulSilver. I'm doing a variation on the old 'monotype' challenge - a Rain Dance team. Course, there's no Rain Dancing going on yet, as I don't have the necessary HMs to get to the TM, so for now, team is:



FLAAFFY/Level 16


Egg/Level why tf do i have to carry this piece of crap around

So yeah, been doing some trading. But both of the non-native starters came from my previous SoulSilver file via my Platinum, so I count it as fairly legal. And I cbf restarting my Diamond for a Piplup.

Time to face Bugsy. *zooms through Gym*

Marshtomp vs Scyther
Marshtomp hit it with a Water Gun, it did jack all damage, so I kept spamming growl until Scyther eventually KOd with a critical Quick Attack.

Flaaffy vs Scyther
Flaaffy managed to get off a Thundershock, which took a good chunk of its HP off and paralyzed it, but it KO'd with another critical Quick Attack on the next turn.

Totodile vs Scyther
Totodile got it down to red health with Bite and Water Gun, all the while taking punishment from Scyther's Quick Attack. When it was about to go down, Scyther KOd Totodile with a U-Turn out to Metapod.

Wartortle vs Metapod
Bring on the gamebreaker, haha. Two Water Guns to the head and Metapod wasn't getting up.

Wartortle vs Scyther
Scyther, in red health and paralyzed. Of course, Bugsy used a Super Potion, so I nailed it with Bite. Flinched it a couple of times in a row, and by the time it recovered, I was able to just trade blows with it until it died.

Wartortle vs Kakuna
Again, two Water Guns hosed it down. Scyther had been the one I was worried about from the start, with good reason.

Maybe I'll be able to beat Silver this time? XD Also, I really love that 'get badge' jingle. Also also, Lesbian Vampire Killers is a weird movie so far.

That is all.