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  1. Tsutarja

    Challenge recommendations?

    Okay, so this morning I decided to play my HeartGold version, and mind you, I don't want to restart that, because of all the memories I have on it. However, I also have SoulSilver lying around. I haven't touched my SoulSilver at all in the four years that I've owned the game, and now I just...
  2. E

    Joshua's Kanto Gym Leader Triumphs + Help with Movesets

    This is probably one of the last few HG/SS blogs I'll do (the last ones regarding facing the new E4/Red), so... As the title states, this blog is solely dedicated to my battles with the Kanto gym leaders in SS, Green excluded. VS BROCK Petal Dance!Meganium loves OHKOs. And I got lucky, too...
  3. Misheard Whisper

    VS Bugsy (SS Update^2 #1)

    So this is my second playthrough of SoulSilver. I'm doing a variation on the old 'monotype' challenge - a Rain Dance team. Course, there's no Rain Dancing going on yet, as I don't have the necessary HMs to get to the TM, so for now, team is: MARSHTOMP/Level 16 WARTORTLE/Level 16 FLAAFFY/Level...
  4. Misheard Whisper

    Trial Run (SS Update #5)

    So I got to the Elite 4 . . . Healed, saved outside the door and charged in. No prep, no item-buying, no intent to win. The entire point was to see how far I could get on guts and momentum alone, and then come back out to train, shop and prepare. So, I did that. I'm now sitting twiddling my...
  5. Misheard Whisper

    What The Hell, Entei? (SS Update #4)

    So I decided it would be more economical to hunt Entei and Raikou at the same time. Thankfully, burn has no effect on the constantly-fleeing Raikou, so all good. Eventually, I managed to get them both into the red, and sleep Entei. It still ran away. wtf. I'm confused. Aaaanyway . . . team...
  6. Misheard Whisper

    Thrill of the Hunt (SS update #3)

    HOLY CRAP I'M A DUMBASS I BURNED MY RAIKOU and i realise this after i save ASODIGH Can I, like, throw a burn heal at it? I'm just hoping that it won't take damage due to it fleeing. In theory, it shouldn't, but if it does I'm screwed. So, Ultra Balls from now on? PS: where to buy Quick...
  7. E

    Terms in English HG/SS I refuse to use

    Title is explanatory. Pokéathlon- OK, I KNOW there's a one letter difference, but really, why couldn't they just keep it as Pokéthlon? It sounds so much better, anyways. And while we're at it, I really don't like the new medals. Sure, they're somewhat cute, but I preferred the originals more...
  8. Misheard Whisper

    Outrageous (SS update #2)

    So . . . I kinda cheated. I ported over a couple of Pokemon from my Platinum. BUT! They were five and fourteen levels, respectively, beneath my current team. (They're doing well, though.) So, current team: Fizz the level 30 Gengar QUILAVA the level 29 Quilava Hayate the level 25 Lapras Kiyo...
  9. Misheard Whisper

    SS update #1

    Well, I officially fail at all things Pokeathlon. It's almost as pointless as Pokemon Contests, but not quite so bad, because you can actually get some useful items out of it. Team is: QUILAVA the level 25 Quilava Fizz the level 22 Gastly Kenya the level 20 Spearow (temp, onloan till Route 31)...
  10. Sydian


    So I'm grinding to level 50 on SoulSilver before taking on the Pokemon League and I'm going through Ilex Forest on Crystal. At the same time. Literally. Multi-tasking ftw. Syd can't get enough of that JHOTOOOO SoulSilver: Aviex/Feraligatr (f) Surf, Ice Fang, Crunch, Thrash Mage/Pidgeot (f)...
  11. Sydian

    I wasn't really trying

    but I caught Lugia in a Pokeball. :|
  12. G

    An egg against an Army of Ghosts

    Ecruteak, a city of the Legendary Dogs, "history", hawt dancers, and a burned tower. Also, its home to Morty, some dood who digs ghost types (aka pursuit bait). He also fails to have any sort of "stragety" what-so-ever. Enter Togepi. This cute, little, seemingly harmless egg comes with (don't...
  13. G

    The Obligatory HG/SS Blog.

    I love HG/SS so hard. Usually games that are as hyped as it was are awful. But I say it was a 9.5/10 if it had the vs seeker it would be 10/10. So how do you guys feel about it?
  14. E

    Regarding the Revamped Game Corner in HG/SS...

    Everything in spoilers for those who don't have the game (not including the ones released in Japan, obviously). Mostly rants opinions ahead. Not gonna describe the game too much.
  15. Sydian

    8th BADGEE

    So, I should be making my roller coaster, but I'm battling Claire. C: Yes, I'm that far ahead of you English noobs. o3o
  16. E

    I need someplace for me to remember my desired HG/SS/Diamond teams ._.

    Because I hate having to search my posts in DLTMSA every so often just to find the teams I've thought up. So, anyways... Keep in mind I'm not trying to get the BEST teams for competitive battling or anything, and also keep in mind the translations for the Diamond team's nicks aren't the best...
  17. Sydian

    Is this normal?

    I found a level 7 Fearow just now. :|
  18. Y

    HG/SS: Elite Four Bruno

    Elite Four Bruno German: Top Vier Bruno Updated: 07/01/2011 Detailed information about Bruno's Pokémon. Everything is in German, so you might need to translate some of the info. (Bulbapedia...)
  19. Y

    HG/SS: Elite Four Will

    Elite Four Will German: Top Vier Willi Updated: 07/01/2011 Detailed information about Will's Pokémon. Everything is in German, so you might need to translate some of the info. (Bulbapedia...)