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[PKMN FULL] Whole New Way [M] ((OOC/SU))

This world is inhabited far and wide by creatures called, Pokemon. Humans and Pokemon interact in countless ways, some keep Pokemon as pets, others use them for Battles. There are those who study these vast creatures as a Profession. While some prefer to work along side them to make an easier life for all. Specialists, Breeders, Coordinators, Scientists, Collectors, Gym Leaders, and Elites all also play crucial roles in the world today. However a relatively new profession has made itself known, and with increased popularity can no longer be simply ignored. This new way of coexisting with Pokemon has become known as, Blitz Training. Most Blitz Trainers live free spirited lives, doing as they like, whenever they please. By battling along side their Pokemon Partners, Blitz Trainers also tend to take matters into their own hands. By hurling themselves into the fray they are known to hold their own even against the most fearsome Pokemon. Because of their rash and unpredictable actions they are labeled as criminals.

Set in the distant future of the known Pokemon world, Training has nearly been perfected in such ways that it was rare to see anybody without uncanny potential. Criminal activity from threats such as the numerous organizations of the past have long since been seen. Blitz Trainers since their first appearance three years ago have been the closet sort of Rebellion witnessed in a long time. Though many are just misunderstood individuals who want to live freely, they have been declared a public threat, and are apprehended when given the chance. This makes an open, casual lifestyle, difficult for Blitz Trainers as they may not legally participate within any sort of Pokemon Event. Be that the Pokemon League Challenge, Pokemon Contests, Official Research, or any other event.

Alright not much of an introduction, but it gets the point across, right? There's not really much need for an extended back tale to this, as it's going to be primarily just a Slice of Life Action RP, progressed more so by the characters themselves, and what they choose to do. Let it be known that you can choose to be any type of Trainer (including Blitz Trainers,) Civilian, or even a long since seen lingering Gang Member (Rocket, Magma, Plasma, ect.) If you choose to be of the new type of Trainer, there are some key things to take note of which will be detailed below in the SU Layout, nothing too complicated though. You may start anywhere in the known Pokemon World, but it would be preferred if we'd begin in or around Saffron City, Kanto.​

1. Obviously follow those on listed for the site.
2. Minor to Heavy Course Language is allowed throughout.
3. Expect quite a bit more Violence, then found in average Pokemon Tales, blood, conflict, death, ect.
4. Post as often as possible ((A week delay without prior notification will entitle a PM from Me. If not responded to within 3 days your character will be dropped.))
5. Romance is allowed and slightly encouraged later on, but this section will be kept PG-13.
6. Please present as detailed SU Applications as possible, being as stated above, most of the story will rely on the characters.
8. This Role Play is based in the far future of the Pokemon World, and therefore you may create new technology for your character, just make sure you give a partial description of what and how your gadgets operate (Examples will be found in my SU.)
7. Have Fun and Enjoy!

Accepted characters
Tear Vinyl - Sheraku
Sigma Baker - Godzil
John Touson - The Ramboing
Gray - Gray- _ -Hatred
Blake Valley - shatteredxfrost

S/U Application Layout

((No Pokemon Masters, other than that feel free to be who/what you wish))

Appearance: (At least 1 full paragraph of 5-6 sentences)
Personality: (At least 1 full paragraph of 5-6 Sentences)
Background: (At least 2 full paragraphs of 5-6 sentences each)

Pokemon Team
((Please no Legendaries at the start, PseudoLegends are however completely acceptable.))
PC Pokemon (Limit 4 at starting)

Blitz Trainer Extras
Blitz Trainers use technology and abnormal skills in order to act out a battle as a Pokemon would. This being said, somewhere in your SU Application (Primarily in Appearance) you must describe what your Trainer has that enables them to Battle in such a way. Examples; Trainer has an arm modification/accessory that can spout fire in a stream and thusly able to use "Flamethrower." Another may have glasses that can identify a Ghost Pokemon and therefore may have the Ability "Scrappy." Please put thought into this yet don't take full advantage when submitting a Blitz Trainer. Try to avoid making yourself too OverPowered when designing a Blitz Trainer, If you have and questions or concerns please feel free to PM me so that we can work things out.

*Blitz Trainer Typing*
(Select up to 2 Pokemon Types that best fit your character)
*Blitz Trainer Abilities*
(You may have up to 2 Pokemon Abilities so long as they don't conflict with each other)
*Blitz Trainer's Moveset*
(You will start with 4 Moves and be allowed to learn 2 more throughout the game, keep this in mind as once you fill the 6th slot you will be unable to unlearn/replace any previously listed Techniques)

---------------------------------------------------MY SU--------------------------------------------------------

NAME: Tear Vinyl
AGE: 24
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'4"
WEIGHT: 135lbs.
BIRTHPLACE: Unknown (Age 5+ : Pokemon HQ, Orre Region)
PROFESSION: Blitz Trainer


APPEARANCE: Vinyl's general features are a round desert tanned face line, surrounded by terribly unkempt dusty colored hair that that is wind swept to the left. She has rather large eyes with a distinctive appearance, her left eye has a natural forest green iris , while her right is blind and thusly appears dull teal. However over her right temple an obvious metallic implant stands out, and is neurally connected to Vinyl herself. Able to project an electronic blue screen and simulate the images viewed through directly to her brain, this accessory is the key to most of Vinyl's other modifications. The young woman also has noticeably rosy cheeks and a petite rounded nose. Primarily clad in a dark brown sweatshirt that reaches just past her thighs, the over sized hood usually tends to drape off her shoulders. Her left arm is enveloped in an obvious contraption that resembles a "Snag Machine" with a video screen on her wrist, and a glowing glass orb on the back of her hand. Vinyl has a pine green accented bag strapped to her waist. She wears "unnecessarily necessary" large tanned leather boots, the poofy hightops accented by blinking lime fuzz cottonpuffs hide the starting of inner workings, the bottoms however have apparent metal soles.

PERSONALITY: A truly free spirit, Tear Vinyl, lives in the moment without particularly thinking much on past or future. Definitely not one afraid to speak her mind, Vinyl is a stubborn individual, that is nearly constantly hassled/hassles the local law enforcement of the area she's in. With an uncommon upbeat, yet seemingly rude disposition Vinyl is far from lady like. While also being an orphan thief, the Blitz Trainer is cunning and tricky with incredible athleticism. By working hand and hand with her Pokemon Partners she uses her genius to effortlessly navigate her surroundings. Without much reason or worry behind her rebellious actions, Vinyl simply strives for an exciting self driven life. Though tough, loud mouthed, and a general bad role model Vinyl isn't too hard to get to know, and is fully capable of making friends.

BACKGROUND: Adopted by a scientist working at the Pokemon HQ in the Orre Region, Palm Teal, watched after the growth of Vinyl Tear since the girl was five. Being subjected to Pokemon Research at an early age Vinyl learned more than the average Trainer, she was even given a pair of Pokemon Companions at the young age of eight. Teddiursa and Spinda, the three bonded rather quickly as Vinyl displayed signs of a truly gifted Trainer by the age of thirteen. Like most Trainers at this age Vinyl left the Head Quarters on a journey with her Pokemon. Raising her two bear Pokemon exceptionally well while adding a few other formidable partners to her team. Feeling guilty for her Pokemon, only following orders in battles, she began to research Pokemon Battle strategies and movements to the point that she felt confident enough to battle one herself. Upon the completion of her circle around Orre at the age of fifteen Vinyl returned to the Pokemon HQ and shared her battle study with the Lab. Vinyl also had an obvious drive to look into the Pokemon Storage System, and began construction on one of her own.

For years following Vinyl lived a normal life as a young Trainer/Scientist generally would, but her impulse to battle Pokemon on her own or in tandem with her Pokemon. her life style started to change. Then nineteen years old Vinyl completed the prototype to her Portable PC System was achieved. Built of a modified Snag Machine the contraption over her left arm is connected to the visual assistance device on her temple enabling her to look, and shift through her Pokemon at will. With this Unique edge over most casual Trainers, Vinyl's prowess became noticed to the point that she had to avoid the authorities until she was forced to to leave the Orre Region. Not having the chance to share her invention Vinyl began to take up the life of a Street Rat, stealing to survive, while also adding some excitement with the Police. She has been aimlessly wandering doing what she pleases across the known regions drawing much attention to where she is viewed as the number one criminal in the world and legend to the Blitz Trainers that followed in her footsteps.

I. Teddiursa (Female)
II. Spinda (Male)
III. Sneasel (Female)
IV. Mawile (Female)
V. Snorlax (Male)
VI. Goodra (Female)

I. Noivern (Female)
II. Lapras (Female)
III. -Open-
IV. -Open-

TYPE: Normal/Steel
ABILITIES: Super Luck; capable with her visual assistant screen she can read the movements of Pokemon and target weak points there of.
Own Tempo
I. Teeter Dance: While mimicking the dance preformed by a Pokemon, the soft fuzzies on her boots let out a confuse inducing tone, this ability only confuses Pokemon, but can be used to raise evasiveness against humans.
II. Quick Attack: Attached to her calves and feet are mechines that assist the movement speed and agility of the wearer.
III. Slash: A claw like blade is extended out of the device attached to the users arm.
IV. Baton Pass: The user can switch any Pokemon in their party with one in the PC.
V. -Open-
VI. -Open-
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A system that lets us fight alongside our Pokemon? They may be outlaws, but it's too interesting to pass up!

Name: Sigma "Sig" Baker
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Height: 6 '
Weight: 150
Birthplace: Lavender Town, Kanto
Profession: Blitz Trainer

Appearance: Tall, but of average build, Sig is physically unremarkable. His skin is pale, implying most of his time is spent out of the sun, with bright green eyes and a complete lack of hair on his head. He has a square jaw, sharp nose, and small, black rimmed glasses, giving his face a strong but nerdy look. Lines of copper under his skin run from his spine to his hands, with more copper leading up the back of his head to his temples. Small devices in his palms, fingertips, and along his spine light up with a soft green glow when in use.

He prefers long sleeves, mainly to cover the wiring in his arms, though partly to keep the sun off him. His usual clothing consists of black jeans, white socks and running shoes, a green t-shirt, and a black blazer. Literally topping off his ensemble is a black Team Rocket hat.

Personality: A man of few words, Sig lives for excitement and adventure. He enjoys traveling: seeing new things, eating new foods, fighting new creatures. He doesn't talk much, but he's honest when he does, not one to sugar coat matters. He doesn't make friends easily, but he's fiercely protective of the ones he does, and will go out of his way to help people. He does so because he thinks it's the right thing to do, and because people usually reward him when he does. He's primarily interested in himself, but finds it more rewarding to work for a prize than just take it.

Background: Born in Saffron City, Sigma was put up for adoption as soon as his parents were able to. He was adopted by Ms. Fuji, the descendant of famed caretaker Mr. Fuji. As such, he grew up surrounded by Pokemon and living in the shadow of death. He had an appreciation for life and the many strange things that could happen in it, such as his own powers. Since he was a baby, he had limited telekinetic abilities, able to move objects without touching them (as long as they weighed no more than five pounds), and open doors and containers (unless they were locked, stuck, or otherwise hindered from opening). He believed that he himself was a Pokemon, a belief that Ms. Fuji did nothing to discourage, saying humans and Pokemon weren't so different. She told him that Pokemon were like cousins, and one day he could travel with them and see the world.

When he came of age, he captured his first Pokemon (a Ghost, naturally) and went on his very own journey. By traveling, he could see new things, help out whoever needed it, and generally live how he wanted with no repercussions, since he didn't stick around very long. He was jealous that his "cousins" got to do all the fun stuff, though, and one day decided to take matters into his own hands. He fought a wannabe gang member in a Pokemon battle, then finished the fight by attacking the trainer with his fists. Reasoning that the fight wasn't over until his opponent was knocked out, he beat the gang member into unconsciousness, which earned him a stay in prison until he was eighteen.

After getting out, he found it hard to reintegrate into society. Nothing was the same anymore, and he needed something fresh and new. That's when he heard of the notorious Tear Vinyl, and her radical approach to Pokemon. Sig wanted to be like her, but wasn't sure how. Using his contacts in the less savory parts of society, he worked his way through a re-emerging Team Rocket group, until he found himself at a secret Silph Co. project, meant to enhance his supernatural powers. It was a long process, but he was fitted with an experimental power source and "harness" that would amplify his telekinetic abilities. His dream of becoming a Pokemon achieved, he and his "cousins" broke out and went back into the world, ready for whatever life had in store for them.

Pokemon Team

- Mismagius (Female)
- Breloom (Male)
- Pachirisu (Female, Shiny)
- Tropius (Female)
- Milotic (Female)
- Swellow (Male)
PC Pokemon (Limit 4 at starting)

Blitz Trainer Extras

Blitz Trainer Typing: Psychic/Electric

Blitz Trainer Abilities:
Volt Absorb: Sig's harness runs off of a battery, which can be recharged by any source of electricity. Electric attacks aimed at him merely recharge the battery, and have no effect on Sig himself.
Levitate: Using his telekinesis, Sig can lift himself off the ground, preventing any earth-based attacks from harming him.

Blitz Trainer's Moveset:

- Telekinesis: Simply the application of Sig's enhanced psychic powers to lift objects.
- Extrasensory: Instead of a persistent applied force, Sig can unleash a powerful burst of kinetic energy.
- Thunder Wave: Utilizing the energy from the harness' battery, Sig can unleash a low-power pulse of electric current, paralyzing nearby foes.
- Thunder Punch: Similar to Thunder Wave, but the electric current is stronger through physical contact, rather than being diffused through the air.
- *Open*
- *Open*
Godzil: Thank you for your interest, you are gladly accepted.

I plan for this to be imaginative, open, and self driven. We will discuss ideas for cities and other opinions on the future landscapes. You may add small touches and other pros and cons of what this future world holds, transport, buildings, structures, ect.

Also- Blitz Trainers are unable to use any sort of MegaEvolution. Probably should have mentioned that earlier, sorry.
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Well this will be a great way for me to start Roleplaying.

Name: John Touson
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11
Weight: 150 lbs
Birthplace: Unknown (however raised in Canalave City)
Profession: Free-roam trainer. Former Pokemon Ranger specializing in psychology and therapy of victims (basically a shrink).

Appearance: To the average eye, John looks like a normal person with black eyes, black hair, medium build, and tannish skin. He does not have any visible tattoos or special devices on him. But if one was to see his bare chest, a large scar from a Golem self-destruct would be the first to come to their attention. John wears average clothes sporting a black sweatshirt alongside a pair of simple blue jeans. He is always seen wearing a red Ranger issued cap with a Pokeball as its logo. Other personal effects include a Poketch on his left arm and medium sized backpack.

Personality: John thrives off of others. When he is with close friends, battling others, or helping someone, he has a giant smile on his face, cracking awful jokes and just laughing. But when he is alone or with his Pokemon, he has serious demeanor, with a cold look on his face. In these cases he prefers to read or just get lost in thought than do anything else.
John firmly believes that in the story of life, he is just a supporting character whose sole purpose is to assist others. He helps in whatever way possible whether it in the form of trainer tips or just being a friend or a person to talk to.

Background: When he was born, John's parents left him to die on Iron Island. Luckily John was found by a group of trainers coming back from the mines. They took him to Canalave City where he was raised by the community and its citizens and named John Touson. As he grew older, John always helped others, whether they be Pokemon or human. His first Pokemon was a Starly that he rescued (named Serenity) and his Gyarados (Triton) was originally a Magikarp he took from a fisherman.
At the age of 15, John decided that he wanted to join the Pokemon Rangers, however he lacked the skills as a trainer to be accepted. So to help, the Canalave gym leader Byron personally took him under his wing for 2 years. During those two years he gained more knowledge as a trainer and received three additional Pokemon: an Onix (Hollow) from Roark, Riolu (Karma) from Riley, and a Shieldon (Bastion) from Byron himself. Finally at age 17 John barely passed the Ranger admission exam and became a Ranger stationed in Hoenn.
In Hoenn he caught himself a Kirlia (Grace) which assisted him in the care of others. After 8 years in the Rangers working as a therapist, he decided to take a long period of leave to pursue a career as a wandering trainer/therapist. He left Hoenn and travelled to Kanto two months after he left the Ranger Corp.

Gardevoir (Grace); female
Staraptor (Serenity); female
Bastiodon (Bastion); male
Lucario (Karma); female
Gyarados (Triton); male
Steelix (Hollow); male

Blitz Trainer Extra

Nothing expect that John is skilled in Krav Maga and some other martial arts as required by the Rangers. Not enough to hold his own against a Pokemon though. It would also be worth mentioned that John is not familiar with the Blitz Trainers.
The Rambling: Looks good, again thank you for your interest, and also welcome to the community! Hopefully we can get a couple more players then get started.

One more should work out, but a preferable 3 slots are still open.


Choose how you live
Name: Gray
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 145lbs.
Birthplace: The Sinnoh region in Veilstone City
Profession: Blitz Trainer
Appearance: Gray usually wears a a patterned shirt covered by his black jacket. His black jacket collars have Mareep fur, And as we all know, Mareep has the static ability, so anyone that touches the fur becomes paralyzed. His eye color is light blue and they are somewhat covered by his dark brown hair. He also has 1 metal rod in each of his jacket sleeves next to his arms. They extend from his sleeves when he shouts "Extend" which he can use to absorb electricity and to attack with.

Personality: He's rather strict and some would call him uptight. He's serious and he doesn't let his emotions cloud his judgement. He does what he wants and gives little to no regard of the law or the people around him. He's "Cold hearted" and lacks empathy, Sympathy and Compassion. HOWEVER he treats his Pokemon with respect and if there is a person he respects, He usually like to challenge them repeatedly.

Background: Since he was born in Sinnoh's Veilstone city and raised there, Life for him was tough. His parents were drug addicts and whenever they were upset with him, They kicked him out the house. This happened frequently, So the solitude is the reason for his cold persona. After he was 15, He ran away from home and became a trainer, but since he didn't have Pokemon, he often fought people and wild Pokemon with his fist. He stole, lied and even killed to survive. Though he did steal, he never stole Pokemon. The Pokemon he fist fought respected him because of his boldness. His most trust worthy Pokemon is his Manectric, A dog he fought for berries when he was 15. Now, He's 22 and he Lurks around Saffron City in the Kanto region not thinking anybody can change him.

Pokemon Team: Manectric, Skarmory, Steelix, Amphraros, Toxicroak and Mareep (He doesn't battle with it) None in PC.

Blitz trainer typing: Electric and Fighting
Blitz trainer abilities: Static and Lightningrod
Blitz trainer moveset: Close Combat, Thunder Punch, Detect, Glare
Gray- _ -Hatred: Thank you! I appreciate your participation! Looking forward to getting the IC thread up here shortly. I also like your character's typing, sure to bring a challenge.

Alright I think I'll be starting this Rp with the four current players, though 2 slots will remain open. It's been a long time waiting, look for the IC thread within a couple days.


i'm writing my own damn story
May I reserve one of those remaining spots, please? (: I should have my SU up in a few hours.

Here it is!

Name: Blake Valley

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 126 lbs

Birthplace: Slateport City, Hoenn

Profession: Blitz Trainer

Blake's heart shaped face is framed by straight, dark brown with a hint of maroon coloured hair. Large purple eyes are the only noticeable feature on her face. Underneath her silver/lavender hoodie is an off-black tank-top for when summer hits and when she's about to battle. Her red gloves hide the many scars on her hands from her days working alongside her parents' gardening business. The last on her attire are the combat boots that take far too long to lace up, so Blake often sleeps with them on.

Indifferent to most events and people, Blake keeps her true feelings guarded and hidden well behind the 'I don't care' facade. Getting attached just causes more pain down the road so it's quite hard to become her friend and though she doesn't wish anyone ill will, she is just protecting herself. Blake believes herself to be selfish in that respect, has many arguments with her own thoughts and cannot make up her mind on whether to let people in or shut them out for good.

This doesn't apply to her Pokemon as they became a great deal to her long before she adopted this attitude. Her companions are all the family she has left and treats them as such.

Blake came from a happy family that always thought the best of her and younger sister, Iva. She was a hard worker, always helping her parents with the business and visiting her grandparents. It wasn't the life she wanted, though - she wanted it all, the adventure, the mayhem - freedom. As the eldest sibling, the business would be passed onto her and the last thing Blake wanted was to be stuck in Slateport any longer. Not long after turning 17 did Blake start to rebel; not turning up to work, getting into it with the other kids at school, hanging out with criminals... At the guidance of her grandparents, Blake's father threw her out of home at 18. Iva had run away with her and the two started their lives over in Kanto.

Two years later, Iva was murdered by Blake's then boyfriend, Tristan. Blake, naturally, exploded and fought him until he ran off with his Machamp close behind. Realising what life she gave up, she adopted her new attitude and shut everyone out. When word came out about Tear Vinyl's accomplishment, Blake quickly followed in her footsteps and now runs the life of a Blitz Trainer as a way to avenge her sister.

Pokemon Team
- Vulpix

- Aron

- Noctowl

- Primeape

PC Pokemon
Blitz Trainer Extras​
Blitz Trainer Typing: Fire/Steel

Blitz Trainer Abilities: Arena Trap (with the help of Fire Spin) Battle Armor (with the help of Iron Defense)

Blitz Trainer's Moveset:
- Flamethrower (on the underside of Blake's arms are two cannon like devices that extend to her hands and can shoot bursts of fire)
- Fire Spin (using the same cannon device, she can use the fire to create a ring of sorts around her and the opponent)
- Metal Claw (using her fingernails that she has tipped with the metal from railroad tracks)
- Iron Defense (over her arms are steel armguards that she uses as a shield)
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Name: David Cassidy
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Height: 6'5
Weight: 200 lbs
Birthplace: Viridian City, Kanto
Profession: Pokemon trainer, Ex-Blitz Trainer

David is a tall athletically built person. With a strong but genital face, with a goatee, and turquoise color eyes. He also has about shoulder length black hair that has the tips dyed green. Wardrobe wise he wears a black tee, dark blue jeans, black combat boots, and a long black trench coat which all of its stitching and buttons plus zipper is green. He also has a wrist watch that is silver with a black band but when you push a button on the side of it a holographic screen pops up and from it. And with this he can access all the items and pokemon he has in the pc.

When David is around close friends and his pokemon he is energetic, extremely cocky, and easy going. But when you put him in a public setting or in a group of strangers he is very quiet and treys to give everyone a cold shoulder thous making it very difficult to make new friends. And when he is in a fight or pokemon battle he becomes almost like a different person he becomes calm, relaxed, confident, and he gets a smirk like he enjoys the fights and battles like this is where he feels belongs in the chaos of conflict. But he does have one thing that when a person doesn't matter who it is if they start belittling or criticizing him or his pokemon he goes off on them. He's also addicted to the soft drink Torterra Dew (aka Mtn Dew).

Their father who was a well redounded pokemon league champion for most of his young adult life in Johto and then Kanto invited him to be one of their gym leaders he accepted because he wanted to settle down and have a family. And their mother who was beautiful in every meaning of the word was a skilled trainer who started her adventure late in life compared to others. But this didn't stop her from wrecking every gym leader and trainer she came across. And when she got to their fathers gym which was going to be her eighth badge they were stale mated all the way up to were all they had left were their two ace pokemon. Her beautiful but elegant Gardevoir and his noble and heroic Gallade and when it came down to the finale move they knocked each other out. After this intense and amazing battle that ended in a tie they quickly fell in love and got married and three years later David and his twin sister Kathleen was born in Viridian City, Kanto.
At the age of 6 their parents decided to give them their own pokemon but the catch was they had to hatch it them selves. So six months later David got a shiny male Ralts which he gave the name Hero and Kathleen got a shiny female Ralts which she named queen. As they trained they showed great potential almost super human potential they cold predict moves almost as soon as their parents could say them. And would some times if they got into wild pokemon battles and their pokemon couldn't handle them they would step in and try to fight them their self's and for the most part could go blow for blow with them but they got hurt more times than not. This resulted in their parents scalding them and telling them trainers don't fight pokemon they command them and control them. But David and Kathleen did not agree with this kept treating their pokemon as equals and stepping in their fights.On their tenth birthday their parents gave them matching outfits David's lined in green and Kathleen's in red so the dyed the tips of their hair to match it. Then month before they were supposed to start their adventure tragedy struck and their mother was killed by a former member of the infamous Team Rocket. So their father took them to hunt down the murder and they found him the next night. As their father began to question him the murder reveled that their mother use to be a top ranking admin in Team Rocket and he believed she sold them out to start her life over. After hearing this outrages accusation their father killed him by strangling him and then turned to his two children who was looking at him in horror. He said i am sorry and i will go find out if this accusation is true and he flew away on the back of his Skarmory to never be seen again.
A year after this the twins decided to start their adventure and in this time they each got addicted to a soft drink that helped calm their nerves after that fateful day. Now on their adventure they were destroying every trainer and gym leader in their way and they quickly got all eight badges and where ready to go face the indigo plateau. But before they did they decided to go and try to capture a legendary pokemon each David wanted Latias and Kathleen wanted Latios. When they got to the island that the pokemon were at they tried to catch them and underestimated their power which caused their pokemon to get injured and just like when they were children with out hesitation they jump in the fight and fought the legendary's to where they ran away. A group of Blitz Trainers saw what they did and couldn't believe their eyes that a couple of kids had just fought off two legendary's without enhancements. So after the fight the Blitz Trainers approached them and camp with them that night and explained what Blitz trainers are and what they do along with the story's of the legendary adventurers of Tear Vinyl. When the Blitz trainers were done the twins were in awe then the Blitz Trainers offered them to become like them and they jump at the chance. So after that they went and got their enhancements at one of the Blitz labs and David got a ice blaster infused in his right arm which could be set to shoot out hail, snow, and ice along with strength enhancements for fighting moves. Kathleen got a fire blaster infused in her left arm and strength enhancements for fighting moves. And a year of mastering their new ability's they went track down the legendary duo once again and their new friends accompanied them along the way. They found Latios first Kathleen was so excited she ran in head first with out thinking and tried to fight the legendary pokemon at first it was a stale mate then the tide quickly turned into Latios's direction and David tried to step in. But the others stopped him saying she has to do this by her self and almost as if on command Latios used Draco Meteor on her and killed her on contact. After seeing this David was enraged and knock out all the other trainers then went to charge Latios who simply looked at him with a remorseful look and using telepathy said sorry i didn't think this would kill her she seemed strong enough to take it and teleported away. When one of the other Blitz trainers came to he saw that David had barred Kathleen and all David said was i don't blame Latios or Blitz trainers in general but all of you must now go on living with the fact that you all killed her. And by being a Blitz trainer does not make you stronger but weaker because you relied on enhancements not your own skill. Then he removed the power core fore his arm and enhanced muscles and crushed them under his foot. So then David returned to Viridian City and went to release all of Kathleen's pokemon but when he went to release Queen she looked at him and she shook her head no and gave him her pokeball and he accepted. So now he lives in his childhood for the next five years now twenty ready to start a new adventure.

Pokemon Team
PC Pokemon

Blitz Trainer Extras (currently not active)
Type: Ice,Fighting
Ability's: inner focus, Refrigerate
Move set
-Ice beam: shoots a beam of pure ice from my right arm
-Drain punch: My enhancement muscles let me hit hard and a device on my left hand like a glove lets me suck hp from my opponent and lets me add it to me
-strength: My enhanced muscles lets me throw my opponents with great strength and on contact of my right arm it starts to freeze the opponent turning it into a ice type move
-Mach Punch: With tiny rockets and wheels on my shoes it lets me shoot at the opponent for quick but light punch

Sorry for the long background i really got into it once i started writing it.