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Article: Who's that Pokémon? It's Eevee!

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    Early on, we were considering a different name for this little guy – 'Eon'. This name ended up being changed, but you do see the 'eon' part as a suffix for each of the Eeveelutions. On that note, 'Eeveelution' was a term created by you trainers rather than us Professors.

    Ooh, I had almost forgotten about this! Pretty awesome to remember again, though Eevee is definitely a cuter name even if 'Eon' would've fit more with its evolution names (pssst, Flareon for best eeveelution).

    As a huge Eevee fan I try to get one on my team for most playthroughs of main series games unless they're unobtainable for whatever reason. Sometimes I wish I didn't have to evolve it either but then it would end up lagging behind the rest of my team too much... perfect for an NFE run I suppose. ;'p I have a few very old plushies of it too buried somewhere in my drawer. So sorry Eevee, didn't mean to trap you there for a decade. ;_;'

    Also, that is such an adorable image of Eevee, amazing job Sylphiel!
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    I am so glad to see this article up! Everyone did a great job coming together to get it posted. Great job on the art, Sylphiel!

    It's also full of information about Eevee that I either didn't know or remembered. Like I completely forgot that there was an Eevee in Conquest.

    I only used one Eeveelution in all my times going through the game. It was an Umbreon in Crystal, who did all right. I do wish I could use the others, but they never seem to fit my team or come too late to find their niche.
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    Nice to hear this article finally got completed. I hope we get more Pokemon-based articles similar to this one, and because we all know Eevee is a popular Pokemon.