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Music Your Spotify Audio Birth Chart?

Spotify has launched Only You, a global campaign gives users a variety of playlists and data insights based on their music listening habits, and a new feature called Blend will let two friends automatically merge their musical tastes into a playlist.

Among the new experience highlights is "Your Dream Dinner Party," which lets users pick three artists they'd invite to a dinner party with Spotify making a mix for each artist. Another is "Your Artist Pairs," which highlights unique pairings that show off a listener's musical range, as well as "Your Audio Birth Chart,' which gives users their "Sun artist," or the person they listened to the most over the past six months; their "Moon artist," which is the artist they listen to that shows off their emotional side; and their "Rising artist," which is one they've recently found.

The Audio Birth Chart and Dream Dinner Party will update daily, while the other data visualization aspects of the feature, like Your Artist Pairs, is based on a limited set of time and won't update regularly.
Article, Spotify Newsroom article

On my first ~Audio Birth Chart~, I got:
Sun Artist: Taylor Swift
- No surprise - I've been listening to her a lot lately lmao)
Moon Artist: Enya
- ........this was a surprise, but I actually recently just started listening to a ~sleepy~ playlist featuring a lot of her songs.
Rising Artist: ............Jeff Richmond
- This is hilarious to me because I had a few songs from the 30 Rock soundtrack on repeat recently but........in no way is this something I regularly listen to.

Who did y'all get?
  • Age 22
  • Seen May 23, 2023
Sun Artist: Sufjan Stevens
- I love Sufjan Stevens, he is my favourite musical artist overall so I'm happy he's #1! I was thinking maybe Two Door Cinema Club would win by a margin but I think the fact I was listening to Sufjan Stevens when I opened this thread says a lot...

Moon Artist: Of Monsters and Men
- I have no idea what qualifies an artist as the most emotive but I would have to agree. Of Monsters and Men have beautifully written songs and I adore them a lot. Their first two albums 'My Head Is An Animal' and 'Beneath the Skin' are incredible, in particular the latter captures a range of human experiences in such an emotionally moving way. The lyric videos for it really show this! I do feel like some of their songs really speak to me though. I love Human so much.

Rising artist: GlitchxCity
- Am I really a PC member if I somehow don't get a Pokemon related artist here :D I listen to a lot of lo-fi and I used a lot of Pokemon themed music to cope in particular during finals so I think this is how he popped up. Can't appreciate him enough for getting me through my exams!


[i]got me looking for attention[/i]
  • Age 29
  • Seen Jan 21, 2024
Sun Artist: Janet Jackson
- This isn't much of a shocker, I kind of expected this one.

Moon Artist: Whitney Huston
- Most emotive, that I can agree with. This one surprised me. I don't listen to much Whitney, but when I do, it's always her most emotional songs.

Rising Artist: Koda Kumi
- I love this woman so much, despite not listening to her as much since I started using Spotify, because their tags for her music suck, I'll always love her and he contributions to modern J-pop.


fake your death.
i'm fucking crying this was hilarious

sun sign: my chemical romance
okay yes they're my fave band this was obvious lol i listen to them every morning on the way to work and just throughout the day or whole albums. anyway...

moon sign: kings of leon
also a fave band but i don't listen as much as i did in high school? it listed them as my most emotive artist? okay

rising sun: chase atlantic
this was embarrassing i don't listen to them THAT much but i do really like them even though it's like the most fuckboy music i've ever heard lmfao