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  1. Where will the Grand Festival be This Time?
  2. Which Eeveelution is Best for Paul?
  3. Possible errors/faults in the anime.
  4. Why did Ash get his old hat replaced (season 1-5 {Indigo - Master Quest)
  5. DP 119/Special (spoiler)/Review thread
  6. "Who Gets to Keep Togepi?" Episode Discussion
  7. Favorite Obscure Character
  8. "A Trainer and Child Reunion!" Episode Discussion
  9. Whither Japanese terms in the Episode Discussions?
  10. The Rise of Darkrai on CN today - Anyone watching
  11. Paul and Brandon *spoilers*
  12. Who?
  13. Over-used moves in Pokemon
  14. "Control Freak!" Episode Discussion
  15. Giovanni/Region Isolation
  16. My favorite part of Pokemon is when Ash shut his trap! Discussion on Ash's new voice
  17. Who else had this problem?
  18. DP 121 + 122 Review/Spoiler thread
  19. New Ending Theme
  20. Dub Movie 11 ending theme
  21. Pokemon? THE most famous generalized Anime (US Generally)?
  22. "Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden" Episode Discussion
  23. UK set to overtake USA
  24. "Aiding the Enemy!" Episode Discussion
  25. Need help finding an episode
  26. [Question]Why Ash's Pokemon Never Evolve?
  27. "The Art Of Pokémon" Episode Discussion
  28. Can someone tell me what channel its on?
  29. What Pokemon dvds do you own?
  30. Pokemon The 1st Movie: What did this mean?
  31. Johto Journey DVDs
  32. Continuity? 0_o
  33. Dawn is going to lose the contest and maybe Ambipom (possible spoliers)
  34. Whayt would T.R's Meowth's DUBBED Voice be if it Evolved?
  35. Pikachu; Hug or Kill? 1 WEEK TO VOTE UNTIL APRIL 17th!!!!!
  36. What Pokemon Would You Like to See More of in the Anime?
  37. First Gen Episodes
  38. Diamon/Pearl movie
  39. "The Case of the K-9 Caper!" Episode Discussion
  40. The first 3 movies re-release on dvd
  41. What ever happend to Jigglypuff
  42. "Barry's Busting Out All Over!" Episode Discussion
  43. Lost Eps of Pokemon
  44. What is up with this show?
  45. Where Does Croagunk Take Brock?
  46. "Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky" Special review discussion
  47. The Greatest Pokemon Battle
  48. "The Heartbreak of Brock" Episode Discussion
  49. Bored with Ash...? >.>
  50. Pokemon DVDs in the UK
  51. Ever felt like you can never keep up with the Pokemon Anime Series?
  52. In your opinion Who had the best pokemon
  53. Pikachus..
  54. Buy The TV Series
  55. Ash Vs. Paul
  56. "A Shield with a Twist" Episode Discussion
  57. DP123-Tatsunami Tournament!
  58. Meowth; Good or Evil? 1 Week to Vote Until April 23 2009!
  59. A return to johto
  60. "A Jumping Rocket Ship" Episode Discussion
  61. "Pokémon Paparazzi" Episode Discussion
  62. attack difference
  63. intercompany Crossover
  64. Pokemon radio drama translation
  65. Pokémon Diamond and Pearl: Battle Dimension Earns Double-Digit Gains
  66. Ranking the Movies
  67. Pokemon MixUps
  68. What episodes are worth watching? Summarise Pokemon!
  69. What Pokemon would you want Ash to have?
  70. Have you ever noticed...
  71. Pokemon Song Identification
  72. Differences in the Pokemon Anime and Games.
  73. Ash and Pikachu
  74. PokemonXMaster Relationship
  75. Is there gonna be...
  76. Pokemon movie
  77. What if....
  78. DP124 Episode Discussion (Japanese spoilers)
  79. So..can anyone actually explain the hatred amongst Dawn?
  80. If Ash Battled Bruno?
  81. "The Ultimate Test" Episode Discussion
  82. Just a question
  83. Pokemon live action movie?
  84. Darnit, where's his dad. Discussion Time.
  85. Match ups you'd like to see
  86. When Pokemon Ends?
  87. Ash's Totodile
  88. "Current Events" Episode Discussion
  89. Pokémon Diamond and Pearl: Galactic Battle
  90. Misty May or Dawn
  91. How many strings would you have to pull...
  92. ash's cyndaquil
  93. R.I.P. Dexter
  94. DP125 Episode Discussion (Japanese spoilers)
  95. help me
  96. Would Richie make a good co-ordinator?
  97. does anyone know where I can watch every pokeman episode free on my ps3?
  98. ages of Pokemon anime characters
  99. "The Breeding Center Secret" Episode Discussion
  100. "Sleepless in Pre-Battle!" Episode Discussion
  101. Pauls old Pokémon?
  102. Is this true?
  103. What if Ash did wake up on time?
  104. A poached Ego
  105. "Turning Over A New Bayleef" Episode Discussion
  106. Ok, so people would like a more mature storyline.
  107. Johto....Again??? (Revived)
  108. Fan films
  109. Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl: Galactic Battle
  110. What if Pikachu did evolve?
  111. Team Rocket ?
  112. Anyone miss Arbok and Weezing?
  113. Interesting analytical rant about Pokemon
  114. Do pokemon sound brain damaged???
  115. DP126 Episode Discussion (Japanese spoilers)
  116. Pokemon Galactic Battles
  117. "Get Your Rotom Running!" Episode Discussion
  118. Pokemon Sunday online
  119. New opening
  120. Brock's starter pokemon?
  121. Should Jimmy Return?
  122. Huh Weavile??
  123. DP127 Episode Discussion (Japanese Spoilers)
  124. Best Pokemon Voice Actors old or new?
  125. Why does Pikachu have a higher pitch voice?
  126. "Breed Stampede!" Episode Discussion
  127. What will the HGSS series be about?
  128. The Original Pokemon Jukebox
  129. "Doin' What Comes Natu-rally" Episode Discussion
  130. Pokemon character theme songs
  131. It's time for a change already
  132. Still want Pikachu, boss?
  133. DP128 Episode Discussion (Japanese spoilers)
  134. Manaphy Prince of the sea
  135. After Sinnoh...
  136. Gira movie: Big Boss a let down? [Spoilers]
  137. Pokemon episodes
  138. What's your favourite Pokemon on Ash's Team
  139. "Ancient Family Matter" Episode Discussion
  140. Jesse or James?
  141. Where can I find
  142. Did you notice...
  143. Ash? Misty? Paul? Dawn?
  144. I want Misty Back!
  145. Since we're on topic about missing Pokemon
  146. Ash's Buizel
  147. Ash's Charizard and Dawn's Mamoswine
  148. "The Big Balloon Blow-Up" Episode Discussion
  149. meaning of a symbol
  150. DP129 Episode Discussion (Japanese spoilers)
  151. Which One: Paul or Gary
  152. anime getting to repetitive?
  153. Will Pikachu ever evolve into Raichu?
  154. New pikachu short airing in japan (only on airlines)
  155. "Dealing With Defensive Types!" Episode Discussion
  156. Pokemon in Anime go to the bathroom?
  157. GS girl in the anime?
  158. "The Screen Actor's Guilt" Episode Discussion
  159. Dawn
  160. What if Ash never met any of his friends?
  161. Secret Khanto Badges?
  162. Is it just me or does Pikachu never seem to get stronger?
  163. Lucas Anime art?
  164. Brock's Pokemon
  165. To all Filipinos!
  166. Pokemon Old Or New?
  167. Team Rocket And Ash
  168. Deadness for a possibly long while
  169. Lucario?
  170. DP130 Episode Preview (Japanese spoilers)
  171. Pokemon Abridged
  172. Anyone got an indepth Episode Guide?
  173. [6/6] "Leading a Stray" Episode Review Thread [Spoilers]
  174. Is Brock black?
  175. Ash's Chimchar evolve?
  176. Shinji (Paul)
  177. Manaphy Movie
  178. Pokemon spoof
  179. Misty? May? Dawn?
  180. Favorite Team Rocket Pokemon?
  181. Favourite song in the Pokemon Anime?
  182. DP131 Review thread.
  183. Could you do better than Team Rocket?
  184. "Steeling Peace of Mind!" Episode Discussion
  185. Which one of ashs pokemon do you hate
  186. Team Rocket returns
  187. Will you be able to attend?
  188. Theory about Ash
  189. Question about Episode 527
  190. Do They EVER Talk About The Normal Type?
  191. DP132 Episode Discussion (Japanese spoilers)
  192. If Pikachu Could Talk..What would he say?
  193. Do you want Ash to use his reserves during the Sinnoh League? [Spoilers]
  194. "Saving the World From Ruins!" Episode Discussion
  195. "Right on, Rhydon!" Episode Discussion
  196. Brocks Team improvement
  197. What should the storyline be?
  198. Team Rocket rules!
  199. Watching/Downloading all pokemon episodes online for free. Any safe sites?
  200. Misty, May, or Dawn?
  201. Giratina and the Sky Warrior Manga/Movie
  202. Pokeshipping - Disturbing sure. Canon?
  203. Dawn a good battler?
  204. 5 Is the Magic Number in Anime...
  205. How will Buck and Marley be introduced in the anime?
  206. Pokemon generation.
  207. Online-streaming of Pokemon Episodes
  208. DP133 Episode Discussion (Japanese spoilers)
  209. "Cheers on Castaways Isle!" Episode Discussion
  210. Should dawn be wearing the Pokemon Platinum outfit now in the anime
  211. I am searching for certain scenes in Pokemon (Anime)
  212. Jigglypuff
  213. Have you ever noticed...
  214. This is so wierd...
  215. i used to watch the anime
  216. Piplup! A Lost Cause?
  217. Best Pokemon Series!!!
  218. Pokemon Movie 12
  219. Dawn or May who's better lookin
  220. How could Ash's Pikachu loses
  221. "Hold the Phione!" Episode Discussion
  222. Why do Ash & comapny's pokemon evolve yet?
  223. High Touch! 2009
  224. Pokemon: Favourite Ship?
  225. GS Ball
  226. Darn, I forgot how good these theme songs were!
  227. a better idea for a movie
  228. Ash's Pikachu: Male or Female?
  229. If the heroes faces the actual Team Rocket...
  230. DP135 Episode Discussion (Japanese spoilers)
  231. Johto Readventure??
  232. One of Many of my Random Ideas...
  233. "Another One Gabites the Dust!" Episode Discussion
  234. Main charcter's pokemon evolution
  235. Weird and Banned clips from the english dub
  236. Pokemon Heroes the three Latis at the end?
  237. Guinness World Record entry for Movie 11
  238. do you want to see old episodes of pokemon back on tv
  239. Seriously, where do they get all this money from!?
  240. Which of these attacks do you like the most?
  241. So...what level is pikachu
  242. Let's try the Next Pokemon thread XD
  243. Where can I Download the pokemon episodes?
  244. Theory about the Pokemon Ash's comma theory.
  245. Pokemon spin-off series (Not Chronicles)
  246. Do you still remember the old pokemon episodes?
  247. Bayleaf
  248. Tv Show & Movie pictures
  249. Johto Pokemon abundant[spoilers]
  250. Music Identification Request