View Full Version : Have you used the PokeGeneric Style?

July 8th, 2009, 4:23 PM
I don't think there's another like this, so..

Do you use the PokeGeneric Style? You know, the one PC users were forced to use on April Fools this year? Where everyone was Todoroki?

I find myself using it at the moment and it looks quite spiffy.

July 8th, 2009, 10:49 PM
It's not my cup of tea.

I actually do not like that style at all, it's painful to look at with the white space and overall monotone look. I prefer something rather aesthetically pleasing to look at, such as the styles I frequently use.

bit.trip void
July 8th, 2009, 10:53 PM
I don't like it much, I was'nt here for April Fools Day, but it sounded ew. I just put it on, and no. Just no.

July 9th, 2009, 4:44 AM
Nope. I just... don't like it. The colours don't seem to go well together for me. I much prefer keeping to the themes I normally use, like Forever Standing or Seeds of Platinum.

July 9th, 2009, 4:51 AM
No, it resembles vomit, IMO.

I have used the vBulletin default, though. It's much nicer and it's what Smogon's got, so I'm used to looking at it.

July 9th, 2009, 5:22 AM
Yes, and it's sooooooooo boring. (Obviously XP.)

~*!*~Tatsujin Gosuto~*!*~
July 9th, 2009, 7:23 AM
I dont think I was here for April Fools day of 2009, but I did look at it before and its x_X
words can't even explain it but a glitchy face


July 9th, 2009, 7:28 AM
Pokegeneric is terrible, just terrible....

July 9th, 2009, 7:44 AM
Yeah...I use it...

It's pretty easy to see stuff.

.little monster
July 9th, 2009, 7:58 AM
No I do not, the white actually hurts my eyes..D:

July 9th, 2009, 10:30 AM
Sorry Steve.... but that is the worst theme on PC.

And to answer to question of this thread.... no I've never used it, and I will never use it. The theme is far far too dull for me. XD

July 9th, 2009, 6:39 PM
Yes, I like the colour scheme but not the buttons (one of which is missing and displays substitute text) and the blankly-staring Pikachu at the top.

Gary, the Magic Fairy
July 9th, 2009, 7:14 PM
Nope, never. I usually stick to the same 3 or 4. And... I don't think I liked it when I looked at it.

July 9th, 2009, 7:19 PM
XD I just switched to it and lol'd so much. That Pikachu IS scary. O_o

To answer the question, no. I haven't used Pokegeneric, and am now convinced that I never will.

July 10th, 2009, 2:45 AM
...it scared me :S I'll never ever use it again. Sadly, I wasn't there to see what happened when everyone was Todoroki for nearly the entire day. I guess I'll have to wait till next year :(

Netto Azure
July 10th, 2009, 8:45 AM
I was forced to use it on Todoroki/April 1 day. D:

It looked very bland with the brown. :<

Captain Fabio
July 10th, 2009, 9:29 AM
I am not a fan of it.