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February 6th, 2012, 10:16 PM
Guys, ever had that moment where you wanted "that thing" to happen only to discover the writers ruined it for you?

I remember wanting Hilda be the new girl Ash travels with in Unova only to discover they chose Iris due to her age similarity with Ash.

And I hated it when Ash's Water starters never evolved, it sucks.

Not to forget Ash's Fire starters getting too much focus in most regions, it made his Grass and Water starters stale.

Getting rid of Ambipom really ruined me, then they go and replace it with Togekiss.

Also, I had a vision of Oshawott being Ash's main Unova starter but then they went ahead and revealed Tepig was evolving first and that annoyed me cos that means they're focusing on Fire starters again. Ash needs an evolving Water starter soon (if Oshawott doesn't evolve they might give him an evolved Water starter in 6th Gen).

And not to forget having some main character not having many evolutions on their team. Ash's Johto team and Dawn's team were notable cases (Dawn should have evolved Piplup and Buneary).

Here's my thoughts on what I didn't like:

- Ash getting good Pokemon like Primeape, Haunter and Butterfree only to release them.
- Bulbasaur deciding against evolving.
- Krabby/Kingler not getting enough apperances.
- Charizard disobeying Ash.

Orange Islands
No comment.

- Too many fillers.
- Only one starter evolving (Chikorita)
- Misty not winning the Whirl Cup.
- Ash's team was handled badly.
- Gym Leaders' Pokemon not matching game counterparts.

- No main rival outside of league.
- Ash's team was handled badly.
- Ash not getting Mudkip.
- May not getting Swablu.
- Max sometimes bothered me.

Battle Frontier
- Ash's team was handled badly.

- Ash not getting Hippopotas.
- Nando being ignored for most of the saga.
- Ambipom being released, she was too awesome to go.
- Togekiss as a last-minute addition to Dawn's team.
- Dawn's team was handled badly (too many of her Pokemon remained unevolved).
- One year gap of fillers between Snowpoint and Sunyshore Gyms.
- Brock not having a big role.
- Dawn not getting a Grass-type.
- Paul being rude towards most characters.
- Some of Paul's Pokemon didn't appear much (especially Nidoking and Hariyama).
- Torterra always losing.

- I was thinking Oshawott would be the main starter but no, they decided to evolve Tepig first (I want Oshawott to evolve!).
- Third time Ash's Fire starter gets too much focus.
- Rivals not appearing often.
- Trip's Snivy evolved too quickly.
- No Team Plasma due to earthquake/tsunami, now I get the episode numbers confused.
- Roggenrola not getting enough battles before evolving.
- Tranquill not getting enough battles and now they've decided to evolve her into Unfezant.
- Third Fire starter abandoned by another Trainer (we've already had Charmander and Chimchar, now Tepig?), it's becoming stale.
- Elesa having a Tynamo (they're so weak!)
- Bianca's Minccino being male (Minccino are more common as females)
- Ash not getting a Steel, Psychic or Ghost-type yet (we need him to have caught all types at some point).
- Ash catching Krokorok (he already has a Ground and Dark-type).
- Not having Hilda be Dawn's replacement.
- Cheren not appearing (in every media where Bianca appears, he is seen with her)

February 6th, 2012, 10:56 PM
Comment on yours atm, will add my own later. Not sure how some of the selections really go along with the topic though.

- Techinqually Ash never had Haunter just like he never had Larivatar. Also Butterfree strong? It's shining moments were probably Viridian Forrest and Cerulean Gym it was honestly overshadowed by the rest and Pidgeotto was a much more viable option then Butterfree again shown at Cerulean gym.
- I concur with Bulbasaur I was quite peeved that it didn't go to Ivysaur, I always thought it was the strongest pokemon in his party.
- Are appearances really necessary for Krabby/Kingler? Especially when you have Squirtle? That's like advocating for Palpitoad to get more appearances when Oshawott is the start so to speak. Tauros and Muk are handled the same as well, no love for them I guess?
- That's part of character development, Ash proved himself to be a sub par trainer in Kanto having multiple of the badges handed to him with out really earning them. So now they should just hand him a super power pokemon to boot with no draw back what so ever?

-Fillers were probably due to were would they go from there if they didn't wait so long. I don't like the Fillers either.
- Cyndaquil didn't evolve? I must be imagining it evolve at Lily of the Valley.
- Yeah the team wasn't actually the best handled since it seemed up until the 3rd Gym they were in a transition period of phasing out his Kanto pokemon and shuffling in his new Johto pokemon(obviously barring Pikachu).
- Happens in other Gyms in different regions so whats the issue?

-Completely agree, although they were focusing on May and her contests and rivalries with people like Drew and Harley. And screw the notion of Morrison beating a rival as if he really constitutes as much of a rival.
- How was his team handled badly? It seems all his pokemon got an adequate focus even if Treecko was a focal point through a lot of it.
- Not sure how Max bothering you suits the question of the topic...

- At least in their one year gap some meaningful stuff happened and it wasn't all just per filler garbage.
- What is Paul supposed to be friendly to everyone? He is a rival for heavens sakes. Not everyone is happy go lucky like Barry. Was Gary initially nice to everyone? Is Trip nice to everyone?
-Probably is no need to bring certain pokemon back, Paul developed a rotation, so that doesn't fit in his scheme of things to have them back.
- Yeah Ash Torterra needs to get some wins under its belt hopefully league matches or post Unova saga with fix that.

- Just cause they evolve Tepig first means he is now the main starter? Last time I checked Oshawott has got as much if not more development then Tepig. Oshawott is more marketable then Tepig who seems to be devoid of personality most of the time which may be a key reason why evolving really wouldn't effect that.
- Best Wishes isn't over...
- I am sure Gary and Paul pokemon evolved quickly as well, so I don't see an issue.
- Yeah they really need to get the TR vs. TP episodes up. And how do you get the episodes mixed up, we have had a Thread Index of the Episode listing in Episode Discussion forever...
- Doesn't this him not getting ghost types contradict you saying he had Haunter(unless you were implying there was no ownership). And once again BW is not over there is plenty of time for it to happen so cool your jets. He finally got a Rock type after 5 Generations so I'd be content with that. Not like the franchise is going out of business anytime soon so there will be plenty of time for him to catch those types.
- They also currently have two grass and water types so no mention of them? And this same type has been going on since Gen I. Charizard, Pidgeotto, and Butterfree Flying type, Squirtle and Lapras Water Type, Bulbasaur and Chikorita, Gliscor sharing two types with Staraptor and Torterra. So really nothing new here.

February 7th, 2012, 6:03 AM
we have had a Thread Index of the Episode listing in Episode Discussion forever...

I get that. Most places seem to use the Bulbapedia episode codes which go from BW022 (A Venipede Stampede!) to BW023 (Battling For The Love of Bug-Types!), ignoring the skipped episodes.

But other places wrongly call BW023 "episode 25" due to the two skipped episodes before it, meaning everything's a bit askew from then onwards.

February 7th, 2012, 7:05 AM
Ash giving his Charizard and Squirtle away.
Regressing Ash's character in BW.
the way they replace characters with new characters and the older characters are never seen again.

February 7th, 2012, 8:34 AM
Ash never taking any of his old Pokemon, besides Pikachu, to a new region since the Johto series ended.
Brock being boring in the D/P saga.
Dawn dumping her Ambipom.
Ash's Bayleef, Totodile, Gible, Corphish, and Buizel never evolving.
Brock's Marshtomp and Croagunk never evolving.

February 7th, 2012, 8:35 AM
Their method of dump & replace, not giving characters enough focus, dropping the GS ball, releasing Pidgeot... and making Ash clueless all the time looking at the pokedex on pokemon he's already seen on it lol.

[email protected]*inverted*EvE
February 7th, 2012, 10:49 AM
i dont like how jessie from team rocket lost Arbok,Weezing, and Lickitung and the way they had to leave behind Seviper and Yanmega, to me, was rude i mean i understand the whole 'undercover' junk but i still think it was mean leaving them behind like that as for losing Dustox i didn't like that part ether i love the show but i hate heartfelt goodbyes like that with JessieXDustox, AshXButterfree, and almost with AshXPikachu TT_TT i cry every time i see these! i dont remember any other things i dont like that the writers have done in the anime which have annoyed me ,that havet been said already ^^||, but when i do remember i'll post it ok

February 7th, 2012, 4:23 PM
I didn't like it when Ash's Water Pokemon never got to evolve except for Krabby/Kingler. I would've liked it if Buizel or Corphish got to evolve during their respective sagas.

February 7th, 2012, 4:31 PM
It was a little depressing that Ash recieved the first few fire starters from precariously dangerous situations. Two of them weren't originally his, and he just kinda...saved them from abuse.

Otter Mii-kun
February 7th, 2012, 4:48 PM
A number of things with the anime have annoyed me:
*The fact that Ash's Pikachu and Bulbasaur refuse(d) to evolve.
*The fact that Ash is always 10 years old every time he travels to a new region, and that his skills along with that are reset so that he loses particularly easy battles.
*Their replacing the female traveling companion every time he goes to a new region.
*The GS Ball fiasco.
*No clear indication if Ash will ever become a Pokémon Master (as his skills are reset every time he goes to a new region).

February 9th, 2012, 4:07 PM
No one ages

I kind of wish Ash didn't get all the starters. I understand if they're so marketable, but I think it would be fantastic if the main characters didn't have some starter. It's annoyed me, but it won't change I'm sure.

February 10th, 2012, 7:14 AM
First of, we have Ash's current team. I mean, the rotational team seems confusing even though I haven't watched a single episode of B/W yet.

Now, we have Iris and Cilan. I wasn't satisfied with both of them, I know the writers wanted a "fresh start" but it didn't have to be that similar to the original series. Meh.

His Pikachu becomes weaker every region; there's actually more but meh

February 10th, 2012, 8:09 AM
Personally, the only thing I didn't really like was how Ash got all three starters in the B/W saga; was hoping they'd only give him one. It's not too big a deal but just something I think I'd prefer over the former.