View Full Version : You only have one month left to live.

October 31st, 2012, 7:35 AM
You are at the doctor’s office and he has just informed you that you have approximately one month to live.

Do you tell anyone/everyone you are going to die?
What do you do with your remaining days?
Would you be afraid?

Overlord Drakow
October 31st, 2012, 7:40 AM
I would quit my job and take the month trying to do as many different and crazy things as possible and then die on a high note. I don't think I'd be that afraid to be honest, I reckon I'd accept my fate rather easily. But that's because I don't exactly have a whole lot to lose right now. If someone pointed a gun at me right at this moment, I would rather live but if I did die, I'd accept it.

October 31st, 2012, 7:41 AM
Personally, I wouldn't tell anyone. Once they know the odds are that they will treat you differently.
As for what I'd do; probably do everything that is a potentual death trap if it goes wrong, like skydiving and all that. And maybe make some calls to people that I have a disagreement with.
But no, I wouldn't be, mainly becuase I know that I would have lived a great life and done the things I wanted to do... well not everything but most and thats good enough for me.

October 31st, 2012, 9:12 AM
I'd tell my family and close others that I have one month left to live, then spend that last month socializing with them.

Shiny Celebi
October 31st, 2012, 9:44 AM
I dunno Id tell my family and best friends. I feel they deserve to know and would spend as much time with them as possible. If I could I would travel and try to do some interesting things and see interesting places before I died.

October 31st, 2012, 10:01 AM
I think it be very selfish of mine not to tell anyone I am going to die, I would tell my family and my friends because they deserve to know.

Overlord Drakow
October 31st, 2012, 11:11 AM
Oh yeah forgot to answer that part. I would tell my family but probably not my friends. Not until the last few moments / last day or whatever anyway.

October 31st, 2012, 11:57 AM
I'd tell nobody, it would make me feeli like I'm asking them to care. I would be afraid of how my family would go on without me. I'd dedicate my last few weeks to vigilantism, until I'm arrested or killed, (this would allow me to die happier because my family will see me as a hero (unless they are ashamed I was arrested) and I would die on my terms, not fate's)

October 31st, 2012, 12:27 PM
Would travel back to Canada to see family and spend some time with them and some time travelling with my boyfriend making an art journal of our travels so it's something he and my parents can look back on when I am gone~ :3

October 31st, 2012, 5:14 PM
i don't know..i'll act cruel to everyone around me so they won't be sad when i'm gone...and i'll make sure to leave a message to my loved ones in a places we used to be in together..who knows?maybe someday they might find it maybe they won't ever..depends on how much they care for me!

October 31st, 2012, 7:31 PM
I would spend the last month of my life trying to kiss the girl of my dreams. Perhaps that would reinvigorate me. Worth a shot.

There's no use in going skydiving or adventuring or doing all of the things I wanted to do... because if I was dying, I couldn't anyway.

I wouldn't be afraid. I haven't been lately, even though I think about death all the time because I don't have much of a reason to live right now. I've just come to accept it. Living life as a pessimist sucks, because I'm not one.

Would I tell people? My family, yes. The girl of my dreams, yes. She'd know that she'd have to do something... so I could at least die in peace... unless she revived me...

Sorry, I'm thinking... uhh never mind...

au bon
October 31st, 2012, 8:32 PM
I'm not really sure if I'd tell anyone. I can't even elaborate why. I'm just not sure. No doubt, I would do everything that I wanted. I would sky dive, I would bungee jump, I would windsurf, I would backpack, I would do all that. I would be afraid of the act of dying. I would worry that it would be painful, and that would probably consume my mind.

Shining Raichu
November 1st, 2012, 6:35 AM
I have a really hard time telling people things that might upset them. I'm moving out of home in about a month and I'm terrified to tell my mother that, let alone tell her that I was dying. I would probably have to suck it up and do it though, since it wouldn't be fair to the people in my life if I were dying and they didn't know about it, but I honestly can't see myself plucking up the courage. Just seeing their reaction would make me want to take a gun and end it all right there instead of having to deal with it all.

As much as I'd love to say "I'll spend the remaining days living life to the fullest!" I doubt that's true. I would just be petrified and live in utter terror, crying and freaking out and trying (unsuccessfully) to get my head around the idea that my life was almost over. I'd waste my final days freaking out about death. Not by choice, just by virtue of that being all I could do.

November 1st, 2012, 6:15 PM
I wouldn't tell them at all.
It would make them pity me and everyone would try to make me feel loved and crud.
You know how I would feel? Bad, because they keep reminding me I am going to die.
I would just not tell them..

November 1st, 2012, 6:23 PM
It's odd considering I've been having a lot of suicidal thoughts lately, but I'd be really sad considering how much I love making games... and I've never had the opportunity to make so many that I want to.

I'd probably tell everyone that'd actually miss me, start going to church/praying a lot, and try to do things that I've always wanted to, etc.

November 1st, 2012, 6:53 PM
If I only had a month left to live, I'll do the things that you'll most probably only get to do once in your lifetime such as bungee jumping, skydiving, etc. during the remaining days I still have. I'll also spend as much time as I can with my family and friends. I will tell them as soon as possible if my last day is unknown, as my sudden untold departure would definitely shock them into perhaps insanity or severe depression.
I wouldn't worry, though. I'm not afraid of dying, for I know that I will finally be with Him.

November 1st, 2012, 7:37 PM
I wouldn't tell anyone at all. And with my remaining days, I will take down as many people as I can with me.

And no, I wouldn't be afraid.

November 1st, 2012, 8:13 PM
I would tell them but not make it too hard on them.

After all, if this is how things will go down regardless, I don't want them to feel like they caused it :7

I wouldn't be afraid…where would I be going after this place? This place is interesting enough, but it would be time to look into the future...and ponder. Make it interesting, not scary.

November 1st, 2012, 8:29 PM
I'd want to book like 50 flights and travel everywhere I'm interested in. Would probably stay at each location for two-three days before moving on. Of course, my family in Europe would be the first place I'd visit, and I'd probably give them the most time as I possibly can. They're scattered all over Russia, Germany, Greece, and England, so I'd have quite a lot of time to explore those places while spending time with them!

That's assuming I don't freak out, though.. knowing me, I'd spend the first few days crying my eyes out until I just lose my sanity. ): I wouldn't take something like that very well and would be petrified.

November 1st, 2012, 8:45 PM
You are at the doctor’s office and he has just informed you that you have approximately one month to live.

Do you tell anyone/everyone you are going to die?
What do you do with your remaining days?
Would you be afraid?

i would tell my family and friends about it, yes. i mean, it would be odd if i just suddenly dropped dead right in front of them after a month wouldn't it?
honestly, the thought of dying doesn't really scare me. i think it's the manner in which i have to die that actually does. if i die, i'd want it to be a quick death, because obviously the feeling of physical pain is uncomfortable. although i have a feeling that in my final few days, i'd probably be depressed as heck and stuff.

as for how i'd spend my remaining days, well, i'd go finish off my bucket list lol. that is, have my hair permed and dye it red, go sky-diving, write a novel (well given that i have only a month to live, attempt to write a novel), go kart racing, and all the other stuff written there.

Nearsighted king of Ice
November 2nd, 2012, 3:56 AM
Do you tell anyone/everyone you are going to die? I'm gonna tell everyone to get them ready for it.

What do you do with your remaining days? I'd try to live life to the fullest and probably get my driver's license.

Would you be afraid? At first yeah, but then I'll just accept it and make sarcastic quips and jokes about my condition.

November 2nd, 2012, 11:48 PM
I wouldn't tell anyone, except my family, because I'm assuming they'd be at the hospital when the doctor would say I only have one month to live. I'd pretend I'm brave and say I'm not afraid, even though I really am. I'd spend my last month with the people I love -- my best friends, my extended family, and you know who else. I'll do everything I haven't done yet. It's my last chance to do something great, and I won't let anyone stop me.

Ven Bloodia
November 8th, 2012, 2:05 PM
I'd reinact everything I've done when playing GTA 4 before I kick the bucket lol.

November 8th, 2012, 7:27 PM
Of course I would be afraid! I'm not sure if I would tell anyone or not, that a tough one. If I were to tell someone I had one month to live things would not be the same and it is not how I would like to go out with everyone concerned about me. (I might tell someone)

This would be the perfect to time to make that bucket list! Yes, I'm taking after that movie, if I never lived my life to its full extent you better bet I'm going to do everything I want to. The time I spend with my family would be upped a lot.

Twilight Sky
November 9th, 2012, 10:50 AM
I might as well! If I only had one month to live, I might as well tell my family. I have to think of which is worse: Them finding out when it's too late, or them finding out sooner so they can be...more prepared and expect it, I suppose? Though part of me doesn't want to tell them, because a lot of them worry too much and it's fairly bothering.

And with my remaining days, I'd just go to as many places as possible! Probably just a theme park here and there, and as long as I had fun, that's all that would really matter. Sure, I'd be scared on the inside that I'd be dying a little with each passing day, but in a sense, I'd just accept it.

November 9th, 2012, 11:24 AM
I think I would not tell anyone this and just live my life normally. Or, I could just end it early and cut my life and not live the last month, as I just would fear my death too much.

November 9th, 2012, 1:23 PM
I don't think I'd tell anyone, but I would do all the things I always wanted to, such as skydiving and rock climbing!