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  • About Xin
    Quick Self-Introduction
    My Talons are Three and my Charge is Audacious. Also, part-time screaming lunatic who loves playing video games.
    I'm just your average 90's person who grew up playing various video games from Doom, Quake, Duke Nukem, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Warcraft, and eventually to Online games such as League of Legends. Aside from gaming, my other interests are usually anything related to art and music. I tend to make humorously incoherent yet insightful rants on how I feel about Video games and gaming in general.

    Frequently asked questions:
    1) Ethnicity? Filipino

    2) Peak League in LoL: S3 - Plat 1/Diamond, S4 - Plat I, S5 - Diamond/Master, S6 - Challenger (during Early up to Mid Year). Server -> SEA (incase any mofos are wondering)

    UPDATE. Season 7 is dope. Definitely playing a lot more.

    3) Favorite thing about video games? -> The modding community. Its the reason why games such as CLASSIC Doom has stayed relevant to everyone from retro gamers to simply just crazy maniacs.

    4) Favorite things about Pokemon? -> The creature designs. Pokemon, like it or not, is all about the creatures that we befriend and form bonds with. And Pokemon has delivered some of the most interesting AND adorable creature designs that I feel like great benchmarks for other artists.

    5) Meaning of Xin? "In Chinese philosophy, xin can refer to one's "disposition" or "feelings" (Chinese: 心)". If that's the case then my disposition or feelings is all about rage, YEAH ALWAYS WITH THE RAGE!
    My gaming interests are first person shooters, a genre I've fallen in love during my childhood. Doom, Quake, Duke Nukem 3d, Counter Strike, Call of Duty, I swung and shot with them all.

    I'm also an avid League of Legends player and regularly play ranked matches with ups and downs. Also my normal mode MMR is one of the highest in our server, at 275+ Positive Wins over my losses (This is basically Challenger level MMR).

    I also do play various Pokemon ROM hacks and fan-made games, Playing Core pokemon series games (started in Gen 1, restarted playing in Gen 3, now hooked with the Gen 3 remakes).

    Currently playing: League of Legends as my main competitive multiplayer outlet, DOOM (Classic Doom mods and the Reboot) because DOOM is the greatest gift that keeps on giving. If you can convince me i may start up with CSGO as well >:))) Also update: Overwatch can suck my Double Barreled Super Shotgun barrels...
    Male ♂
    Par Time Jungler, Par Time Demon Slayer, Par Time screaming lunatic
    Also Known As
    XIN, JusTXin, DarkNegima, BlackAngel, Frederick Mercury
    Favorite Pokémon
    Blaziken, Gardevoir, Salamence, Skarmory, Aegislash, Garchomp, Gyarados, Houndoom, Roserade, Gothitelle, Charizard, Excadrill, Haxorous, Tsareena, UB02 Absorption, Tapu Lele
    In-Game Name
    Go Team
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    You know what this is.


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