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  • Oh I see, take care of yourself.
    Haha i'd love to be able to save up and go to japan and see idol lives, or just be able to actually be japanese idol merch from overseas.
    Hi, i'm doing okay, a bit unwell mentally but I'm working on it. I'm cleaning right now to make my room a bit less of a stressful place to be in. And i'm looking for a full time job to fund my hobbi- i mean, have health insurance and stable income! yeah!

    haha, what about you?
    Ah, assignments over a break are such a pain -_-

    Mine has been pretty good so far! Granted I haven't done much besides play games and watch some shows on Netflix, but the time off is great regardless haha
    That sounds really nice! Hey, nothing wrong with a few cupcakes ;)

    Mine's been pretty good! I got some great stuff, and everyone seems really happy with their presents ^^ Going to my grandmother's to eat later :3

    And no problem! How's your day going, by the way?
    I do! Honestly though, I'm pretty out of practice too, since I don't get too many opportunities to use it these days. Anime helps, of course, but I'm still getting pretty rusty ;;

    Don't be impressed with me though :P You're pretty advanced for only having studied since March :o

    Ohh, just a trim. I couldnt bear to get it cut too short. Im gonna be in the airport/air all day so you have a good day.
    Hello shoshinshomei (what should I call you) It's not that late, is it? Only 11:30. Well I guess that is pretty late after all, I guess my perceptions have changed...

    I'm doing great, going to see my entire family for the first time in a year so I'm very excited about that! Also I'm getting a haircut.

    How are you?
    Surprisingly few do. She's plenty fun. In my opinion, Nico was more fun because she's written to basically be the butt monkey (or at least as close as you can get with the non-violent POWER OF FRIENDSHIP plot that Love Live!'s anime has) of many gags in the anime, haha.
    Not particularly any reasons to hide it... just that a lot of anime fans outside Japan don't quite understand the appeal of idol anime or are just afraid to admit to liking them because of stereotypes about liking that type of stuff.
    Yup there's lots of other topics to discuss here :) (I actually don't go into the Pokemon subforums that much, lol) I'm just glad there's another Love Live fan here!
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