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It's about time I update this thing. Hi! I'm James, bond. James.
I'm like weird and uninteresting, so you know whatever.
Live in Dallas.
Recently moved from Illinois.
Reading Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace right now. It's fantastic I definitely recommend it.
While typing this I'm in a resting area at my college, on the second floor. No, I don't know what I'm majoring in.
I really miss it here and it's been a couple years I think? Since I've been frequently active. My life is hectic so I'll try to stop by as often as I can.

Hit me up if you wanna talk, I love making new friends and I definitely don't bite (except during full moons, I'm sure you understand).

ᴥ Graphics Design (not anymore tbh)
ᴥ Web Development (not anymore)
ᴥ Art (no time)
ᴥ Writing (love it. not very good. still trying.)
ᴥ Basketball (hahahaha)
ᴥ Swimming (ok this is still true)
ᴥ Pokemon (obviously)
ᴥ TV/Movies/Video Games (definitely)

Sorry I'm just revising the old list... recently I've picked up a fitness initiative in my life so you can add that I guess.
May 20, 1994 (Age: 29)
Quick Self-Introduction
James, 21, lots of interests, i d k.
Male ♂
Forum Pair
Team Fail
Also Known As
James; PEDRO12; Trocaronium; lights; LordLunar
Favorite Pokémon
ᴥ Tropius
ᴥ Hydreigon
ᴥ Volcarona
ᴥ Golurk
ᴥ Rayquaza
ᴥ Magmortar
ᴥ Electivire
ᴥ Pikachu
In-Game Name
GO Team
Do not display




but my taste in music is your face​