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  • Belated Happy New Year and Christmas! Ok my winter breaks are ending..had got a lot of work to do, a full fledged project had already tired me down, had left other works..enjoying the remaining days of winter break by watching movies, roaming here and there... most importantly checking the news about celebrity breakups :P
    lol its fine I mean its not a whole year atleast haha. lol nice im finishing up first sem of senior hehe. I enjoyed it but after i finished the first part of the game I basically stopped and moved onto fangames. The only critisism I have of it is that its still too easy but otherwise it was pretty great haha. You should totally finish it tho hehe

    haha christmas will be good and you too! Hopefully my entire break will be nice if i get through college apps ehhe
    It's okay. Sorry I went MIA lol No I only have a PS4. I gave my sister my 3DS but I am trying out Pokémon GO now. What you been up to?
    Ya just going on my 3rd month xD not haha although that would be bad. It took me awhile to get motivated but it came haha perhaps cause of sun and moon i guess.

    Oh ya its like a series that focuses on disney character irl tho and such which is actually super cool. Elsa fell in love with a guy and so did anna so there was no elsa by anna xD although who knows to be sure. Apparently everyone but the shippers :3
    Summer Vacation started from 1 April Yeah, Finally Some rest, School becomes a lot of hectic to me, Studies after studies....Anyways I still managed to make out this mess so I'm doing good( I think so :p) .Oh, That's so bad, Why do you think so that you are horrible boyfriend? Improve any of your weak points that you feel in your personality/looks and after that see how girls will rush after you :D
    i'm extremely sorry for the so late reply, studies goes too too much...i don't get time ....anyways like i said so studies oh i'm tired of studying ;(. Girlfriend? Oh, believe in yourself and you will surely get it in future :P
    I hope so too! It was good we went to a brunch at a fancy resturant but I ended up getting the flu D:

    Firstly lol ya I always thought they'd be good together and secondly holy crap I was about to scream at you haha idk why people do that it's just ugh. We don't speak of that anymore haha but actually if you wanna know what happended there is actually confirmation in Once Upon a Time. :3
    Haha I was like that for awhile but im back :3 its funny i just got back yesterday and well today :P

    Nice ending ya but omg yes I was like no that cant happen plz plz no. Well then it wouldnt be disney created xD But its not that big a thing with me im just upset theres no sequel I wanna see Dipcifica kinda lol and like everything else i think theres alot that they could still add on to it but oh well haha
    right? omg i love that im not into anime that much but id love if the real world was all anime itd be alot more simplistic haha

    haha wow i only read like 100 a year and thats if im not busy xD

    ik that for a fact if you try to hack it they shut you down and you cant do anything online anymore but still i like nintendo more for many more reasons theyre like the friendly little company sometimes haha
    Haha all i have is wegmans for any cultural food i want :P

    Haha i used to be a big gamer but im more of a reader now

    ikr lol
    Ikr i only know one place near me where i can get them haha. Omg sushi yes

    oh im so ready its been so long but its ALMOST finally here

    just...alittle bit xD

    lol i never keep up with that and thats kinda stupid though i wouldnt even risk pirating it nintendo cracks down on that stuff haha
    omg sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry this took so long i mean my gosh it was just so gah busy!

    omg rice balls so hungggggggggggggry i could eat sushi and rice balls all day

    are you freaking kidding me!?!?!?! how could they do this D: i mean how dare they how can i wait this long

    I um read...and um read...and slept and then played a board game so basically same xD
    news? what news? what else could i have missed?
    Yup. Yeah it was cool. I always played Need for Speed and Super Smash Bros. Oh alright yeah my laptop wouldnt be able to handle any games lol
    Happy New Year Fun Size! Even though i guess it has already been mid day for your time :p
    eww no what is wrong with people!

    sushi would be awesome right now

    idk it was originally set for like this week but maybe they changed it to january? how was your holidays?
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