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  • Hey there. Umm...I was drawn by your avatar picture here. xD

    Oh, your Youtube video is broken as well I noticed. :(
    Kari we haven't talked for ages. I can't believe it! It's all my fault. D:
    I love your profile as always. :3
    A late greeting-- but still, happy PC anniversary! A whole year in PC. Wow. :33
    What was weird that I daydreamed about insects while I had them :|

    Exactly! :DDD

    And yeah. The last Sonic game I probably beat was Heroes. And that's god old. o3o
    But yeah, Generations just looks sadlkfjaslfja

    Anyway! What have you been up to lately? :3
    For me, Twilight's first, then Rarity, then Pinkie, Applejack, Fluttershy and Dash.
    Because Twilight is the best, and everyone knows it. Even if they don't realise it yet. o3o

    Oh, right! You play Sonic, don't you?
    Are you going to get Sonic Generations? The game looks absolutely marvelous, and from what I played, it's the best Sonic game so far. :DDD
    The music is also just superb. |DD
    Ahh, Hybrid Trainer! Awesome. xD;
    Oh, yeah. Pinkie's about my third-favourite now. xDD;
    Ohgod. Have you heard "Smile"? I love that song too much. :DDD

    Funnily enough, you know how Rainbow Dash used to be my favourite, and Pinkie at the bottom?
    Well, that's completely changed. Dash is at the bottom. I have no idea why. :V

    slowly shuts closet doors while breathing heavily. what, what?
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