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Rainbow Chara X

I'm a budding writer and game developer that's dabbled in all sorts of media in my many years of life.

I love Megaman, Bayonetta, Boktai, etc. I've been a Pokemon fan ever since I was a kid, although the only game I owned as a kid was Snap of all things so... eeh.

I write stories, draw pictures, splice sprites, participate in roleplays, read let's plays, etc.

I love rom hacks because, to me, they're a way to be creative with familiar territory. I'm also a rigid organizer as everything of mine is compulsively neat and put into nice little categories. I also work in RPG Maker MV creating original games - stealth based RPGs that use Pokemon-like mechanics that promote player freedom by giving them a lot of choices.
Shiny Hunting in Sinnoh
Quick Self-Introduction
Let's break it down.
Male ♂
Also Known As
Favorite Pokémon
Lesee... Delphox, Mawile, Chandelure, Roserade, Greninja, Pikachu/Raichu, Gardevoir, etc.

A lot, essentially.
In-Game Name
Rosari / Luna / Monica
GO Team
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Check out some of my screenshot LPs!:

Pokemon Snakewood Remaster (Complete) || Pokemon Dark Rising Remaster (On-going)