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Casey Holt

Imagine a weightlifting type of jock. Fit and muscular with a healthy amount of fat on him. An inch shy of six feet tall, sandy hair, hazel eyes, a bit of a tan. Always moving, an easy grin on his face. He likes the idea of being an outdoorsy person; he generally dresses like he’s stepped out of an ad in a hiker’s magazine. His clothes are high-quality, his jeans are tailored, his brand-new wool-lined leather jacket is his favorite thing. He also bought a custom walking stick before setting off. He loves how he looks.

Casey Holt lived a fairly independent life in Pewter City until being enrolled at Cape College at age fourteen. He’s always been one of the older students- he turns sixteen this year, on June 9th!- but that’s never stopped him from making friends. He’s a very social person; he gets along with people easily and has a fantastic memory for names. Really, he has a fantastic memory for all kinds of details. Casey absorbs all knowledge like a sponge, though he learns better by doing (as opposed to watching) and listening (as opposed to reading). He finds most things interesting in some way, but his pervasive interests have been fitness and nutrition for both humans and Pokémon.

He appears reckless at times, but Casey knows very well what he is capable of and would never put himself in real danger. Self-sufficiency is the key to life, in his eyes, and he will never jeopardize his ability to take care of himself. However, he doesn’t plan very well and he’s more reactionary than proactive. His quick-fire decision making only fails him when his options seem equally bad and that’s the point where he gets stuck in a loop of dithering. Otherwise, he really is always moving, even if what he chooses to do may not be the ideal option. But hey, at least he’s doing something.

Except when he runs into Ghost-types.

That’s the only time he completely freezes up, and it’s his own fault that he does. Sure, the traumatic childhood experience causing this fear was certainly not his fault, but his reactions now. Well. What he’s done is decided that since he’s a trainer now, he can’t run from Ghost-types anymore. Imagine forfeiting a whole tournament because there’s a Ghost-type on your opponent’s team! That’s ridiculous. So he doesn’t allow himself to run from Ghosts anymore. Now he just has to work on the panic attacks, and the fainting, and… yeah.

His parents are… busy. They have one other child, Aurelia Holt, who is seven years Casey’s senior. He didn’t grow up with her- Ralph was more of a sister to him than she, but they grew apart when Ralph enrolled in Cape and Casey stayed in Pewter. When Casey did finally enroll, he was quick to bond with Jordan due to similar schedules and sheer proximity. His friends know him to be cheerful, tactile, faux-dramatic, and action-oriented- though he’s just as willing to follow as he is to lead, as long as something is happening.

Pepper Bomb [Charmeleon]
Ginger [Buneary]
Parsley [Skiddo]

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Spoiler: original SU
Casey Holt • he/him • fifteen

sandy hair • hazel eyes • round face • 5'11 • a large person all around

His walking stick was a gift his parents sent for the beginning of his journey. It might be a Thing to give walking sticks to people, but he's not sure. Casey's thinking about carving it. He also bought just the coolest jacket last time he visited Pallet, and he was right to buy it big. It was expensive! Bouffalant hide lined with Wooloo wool is lavish. He didn't buy it purely for style, he swears- it actually is durable and practical material for what he's going to be doing. Not that he really needs to justify his purchases. His family's got money. Casey knows they're well-off due to Great-Grandma Something-Or-Other starting Some Kind Of Business a long time ago in Some Place Far Away but he's never cared enough to get the details. They’re not absurdly wealthy, since Great-Grandma had a lot of kids to split her assets amongst. There’s a heck of a lot of people in his extended family. He’s got cousins and second cousins galore, but would be hard-pressed to identify any of them, since Casey’s the youngest of their generation and never really got to know any of them very well. The closest family member to his age is his sister Aurelia, who is seven years his senior. She graduated a while ago- but from Safari Academy, as her application to Cape College had been denied… three times.

Cape College was still the ideal school even after all Aurelia’s rejections. So Casey's parents sent in an application on his behalf when he was ten. And when he was eleven. And when he was twelve. Someone finally realized what was going on that time- the College had never whitelisted his parents' contact information from the few years they spent inundating the place with rambling pleas on behalf of their daughter. He finally got to start at the College when he was thirteen, making him one of the older students in his year. He doesn’t mind that too terribly. Casey’s been hitting growth spurts every few months since starting. Because of this slower growth rate, he never developed that lankiness that is so common amongst teens, and instead is a pretty beefy guy overall. Personally he thinks he’s rather have just grown all at once so he could buy new clothes when he’s done. He’s had to renew his entire wardrobe nearly every quarter because he clothes are just sliiightly too small. Finding someone to take him all the way to Saffron to go to the very specific store he shops at is such a hassle.

He’s recently discovered that he’s got very different ideals and interests than Aurelia and their parents. Casey has begun to suspect that they're not particularly well-rounded people. Growing up in Pewter City was a great time for him and very formative. His parents were not very involved with him and mostly let him do what he wanted, which was to wander around town and participate in whatever he found. Casey really learned a lot that way! He likes to say that he knows "a little bit about a lot of things." He likes having new experiences and finds most things pretty interesting. Despite that, he doesn't have many hobbies and doesn't pursue many topics past a moderate level of study. When pressed, he'll say that working out is a hobby of his even though he is rather neutral about the act itself. Casey's true interests lie in the academic side of fitness and nutrition for both humans and Pokémon.

Casey’s known to be extremely social and never intentionally unkind. He’s self-serving, though, which may be a holdover from that very independent childhood. He’s never been very good under pressure, but that’s not to say he’s indecisive. He’s very quick to decide and react! Just, it’s not always the ideal reaction. To be fair, those split-second choices have been getting better with experience. He’s also pretty innovative. Kind of has to be, to get himself out of the problems his “quick thinking” tends to land him in.

When he has time to actually sit and think about a decision, Casey tends to dither. He has difficulty seeing past the immediate situation. That lack of big-picture thinking means his goals for the future are a bit nebulous. Explorer? Nutritionist? Gym leader? Fitness instructor? He has this vague idea that he might get proper battling sanctioned for non-licensed trainers in some sort of official, supervised setting. It’s good for Pokémon, after all, and he doesn’t think that those classified as “pets” should be denied that health benefit.

Don’t get near him with Ghost types. It’s a big ol’ problem for him. He also doesn’t like moves or abilities that cause immobilization or do something to alter mental state because if he’s caught in them he’s not going to be able to protect himself.

Starter: Charmander, male. He's really energetic and theatrical! He'll know Bone Staff Rush. :P

Roleplay sample: [it’s from beyond lolol] i’ll write smthn if you want tho. I really do love cats :) lmk if you need anything changed!
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