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Jordan's growth spurt hit about a year ago and it really made him grow up like a weed, but he hasn't really grown in any other direction. He stands fairly tall for his age at about 5'10" and is likely still growing, but he already carries himself even taller because of how lanky he is.

Jordan and his younger sister Jenna are the only redheads in the family, and they are your standard "freckled gingers". This was a trait he disliked for almost all of his life and he hated not looking like the rest of his family (especially before Jenna was born). He had always wanted to dye his hair, but his mom wouldn't let him when he was younger; she finally caved when he was 12, and took him to a salon in town. He chose a deep, chocolate brown that closely resembled the hair color of the rest of his family and was excited to see how he would look, but almost immediately after seeing his new hair color, he realized he wouldn't be able to get used to it at all. When his hair grew back out, he was more than relieved to see his natural hair color again, and finally embraced his unique look.


The Springs family is large but tight-knit. Before enrolling in Cape College, Jordan lived with his parents, grandmother, four brothers and sister on the family's spacious and lively farm in the outskirts of Celadon.

Their family runs the successful Springs Farm where they grow and sell fresh fruits and vegetables to grocers and vendors in Celadon. The property has been passed down from father to son for several generations now, and Jordan's dad, James, is the third proprietor of the land. James is a Celadon native and grew up working on his family's beloved Springs Farm himself, while his wife and the mother of his children, Charlotte, moved from Vermillion City after visiting and falling in love with the charming rural area of Celadon (and James). Although originally a city girl, she has quite the green thumb and has always loved gardening, so she flourished in her new life at Celadon.

While Charlotte does have a love for all things gardening, she especially enjoys floristry, and once the family had enough money to branch out, they purchased a small boutique in the inner city where she is able to do what she loves most - sell floral arrangements, bouquets and potted houseplants. With the older children taking over some of the key tasks at the farm, Charlotte is able to spend most of her days working in the city. She often takes their only daughter Jenna with her as well, to help out around the boutique and make her own floral arrangements.

The following bios about his family members I wouldn't consider vital information to the RP so I will leave them in a spoiler - I don't imagine these characters will make a whole lot of appearances other than the odd call here and there (maybe a visit home!), but it was fun for me to imagine the characters Jordan grew up with, the history of their family, etc.

Jordan's grandmother Harriet (or Hattie, as she is more commonly called) and her husband retired to travel together when James and Charlotte first took over the family business. When James' father passed away, she moved back in to the family farm - it was a mutually beneficial decision for the family, as James could now take care of his elderly and grieving mother, and she also loved being around and taking care of her grandchildren. Hattie was a teacher in her youth, and all six Springs children are/were homeschooled by her for their primary and secondary education. She also makes sure to schedule "field trips" to the inner city every once in a while so as to expose them to more of the world, so that the children were not too sheltered and only knew of life on the farm.

Michael is 21, and the oldest of the Springs children. He works closely with their dad James on the business and financial side of the farm, and is being prepped to be the fourth generation owner of Springs Farm. He has always been mature for his age, having grown up with a lot of responsibilities, both on the farm and in caring for his younger siblings.

Jon is 18. He is responsible for driving the farm's fresh produce daily to the inner city, and delivering them to the grocers and vendors that purchase their supplies. After he makes his rounds, he tends to spend the rest of his day hanging around town, and has made many friends in the area. He is a budding musician who loves to sing and play the guitar, sometimes at the festivals and social events held in town for some extra money. Jon really milks the "country hunk" vibe he has going on and fancies himself a bit of a ladies' man. He loves to tease his younger siblings, but he means well.

Noah is 17, and does not spend a lot of time at home. He has always been a studious and quiet young man, and is currently studying medicine abroad, though he usually comes home for the holidays. He is the only one of the Springs children to attend post-secondary (so far).

Jenna is 9, and the only daughter of the Springs' large family, so she is somewhat spoiled by everyone, even her brothers. A good artist with an eye for color, she enjoys following Charlotte to the city and helping out at the boutique, learning from her mother and crafting her own floral arrangements.

Kyle is 4, and bit of a little menace. He is a very active toddler and gets in quite a bit of trouble and messes, much to grandmother Hattie's dismay. The two are always together, and she can rarely take her eyes off him when he is awake, without him scrambling off to roll around in some dirt or pulling up crops that are not ready for harvest.

Brief History

Jordan rapidly acquired many hobbies in his childhood, and just as rapidly lost interest in them after some time. Between the tender ages of 6 and 11, he had convinced his parents to let him take lessons in piano, guitar, martial arts, and painting, but he would always want to quit fairly quickly; either he did not learn the skill fast enough to stay interested, or he would simply grow bored of it and want to try something else. His parents, although supportive of his endeavors, caught on to this habit after a while, and started being more selective about the hobbies they chose to let him pursue.

When Jordan was 12 years old, he developed a sudden interest in Pokémon, and more specifically, becoming a Pokémon trainer. After seeing a TV program on the Pokémon Training Cape College one day, he begged his parents to enroll him and was quite persistent about it, but his parents wrote this off as another passing phase and did not think it would be a good idea to send him off to a specialized boarding school on a whim, if he would just change his mind about his studies a year later. They ended up making a deal with him, and promised that if he asked again on his 13th birthday and was still just as passionate about this then, they would look into Cape College with him.

To their surprise, Jordan remained determined, even doing his own research into Pokémon and studying in his spare time. Although he understood why his parents didn't take his initial request to enroll seriously, he was a bit upset that he would be attending later than most students, so he did everything he could to ensure he would not be at too much of a disadvantage when he finally started at Cape.

When they met with Professor Palm for Jordan's assessment, he was quite impressed with the knowledge he was able to learn on his own, and decided he would be a good fit for the school, despite enrolling a bit later than usual.

At school, he soon found that his theoretical knowledge in a classroom setting was almost on par with his peers, however, even up until he started his journey, he had a bit of trouble applying that knowledge practically. Despite this, he was permitted to begin his journey, in the hopes that the trainer within him would come out when faced with real-world situations.


A young man still figuring out himself and his place in the world, Jordan is not without his insecurities and doubts, but what teenager is?

He is friendly, upbeat and quite trusting, almost to a fault; having grown up in the safety of his family's farm and the generally slow-paced rural outskirts of Celadon, he had no reason not to trust neighbouring farmers and ranchers and other kind characters that inhabited those areas. He's also a very curious and adventurous person, and this combined with his lack of a healthy suspicion of strangers can get him in a bit of trouble.

A morning person, at home he really enjoyed the quiet and relaxing AM before the house and farm is bustling with activity, and this habit continued into his time at Cape College.


Jordan inherited his mother's green thumb and passion for gardening, and that is the one hobby he never gave up, although he did grow up surrounded by plants so it feels more like a second nature to him than a "hobby". He loves being in the greenhouse, and his room back home has potted plants in every corner (that he has entrusted his mom and Jenna to take care of).

Jordan also really thrives in the outdoors, and likes camping and hiking. The one part of his Pokémon journey he is not nervous about is his ability to survive and adapt to his surroundings in nature.

Dreams / Aspirations

Like many teens his age, Jordan's aspirations change frequently and are not set in stone. The only thing he knows is that he is eager to find his place in this world, after watching his brothers find their passion and drive. Perhaps being a trainer is his calling.

Theme Song

Starter Pokémon - Tangela ♀

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Jordan's affinity for plants and greenery naturally draws him towards Grass-Types, and he had no question that his first Pokémon would be one.

Occasionally called "Tangles", after Jordan's brother Jon saw her in a video call and said she resembled a party wig. She did not appreciate the comparison or name, but it kinda stuck.




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Roleplay Sample

Spoiler: A Catch is a Catch
Note: I know newcomers are starting right at Cerulean, but I wanted to start from the beginning! It will be somewhat truncated and I am summarizing a lot to just get to where everyone else is since I do want to be up to speed, but basically I am just writing this and Jordan's Nugget Bridge encounter.

Chapter 1-1: A Catch is a Catch

Tangela waved her vines in the air, grabbing at the fallen leaves that the breeze had picked up. Jordan watched his new companion, amused at how easily entertained she was. He breathed in the cool evening air. This feels familiar. The view and the smells reminded him of home.

Jordan had sought shelter for the night at a small farmhouse owned by an elderly couple on Route 24, who were no strangers to the young Cape College students that often travelled down this path for their journeys. They graciously took in the pair and offered an entire spare bedroom for them to stay the night, which was already more than what Jordan had hoped for. He would have been happy crashing on a couch for the night, honestly. They were so incredibly kind that Jordan felt a little embarrassed; it seemed like the only words out his mouth all evening were just murmurs of "thank you" every time one of them popped in to offer him soup, fresh fruits, or a blanket.

Jordan insisted on letting him repay their generosity by doing some chores around the farm. Their land was not as large as Springs Farm, but tending to an orchard must be difficult for two elderly people. He wanted to do as much as he could for them before setting off the next morning.

He had finished weeding some of the newly planted berry trees with Tangela, and they were now sitting outside, watching the sun set.

Rustle, rustle.

In the distance, Jordan could see one of the berry trees swaying suspiciously. The trees were immature so the trunks were still quite bendy, but the wind couldn't be doing that... right?

He waved Tangela back to his side, and after staring at the shaking tree for a good minute or so, the culprit hopped into view. It was a Pidgey, and it seemed too absorbed in attacking the trunk of the tree to notice Jordan or Tangela.

Peck. A berry fell. Peck, peck, peck. Another berry fell.

This Pidgey looked smaller than average for its species, and Jordan thought to himself that it must be quite young. It seemed fascinated with the berry-dispensing tree and looked more interested in its ability to make the berries fall, rather than actually taking or eating them. Jordan watched the Pidgey repeat this with the next tree over; it was hopping from tree to tree, shaking berries off their branches.

He slinked into position a few rows of trees behind the Pidgey, and motioned for Tangela to follow. Her movements are not the most graceful, he thought to himself, as the stout 70 pounds of vines lumbered towards him, but the Pidgey remained oblivious.

"It doesn't see us!" he whispered, crouched down next to Tangela. "I think we have time to come up with a game plan." While he knew battles were more about knowing what to do in the moment and gauging the best moves to make in any given situation, it was their first battle. A plan is good. He flicked on his PokéGear and reviewed his notes.

"Let's see... We can 'inflict a status condition on the target Pokémon, to increase the chance of a successful catch'. That's probably a good idea." he read quietly. "Do you know Stun Spore?"

Tangela stared intently at him as he spoke, but there was no cognizance in her eyes.

"No? Okay, that's fine. That's completely fine." he reassuringly put a hand on Tangela's head and looked down at his PokéGear again, but there was an urgency to his voice that indicated otherwise.

In the distance, the Pidgey ruffled its feathers and flapped its wings weakly, as if preparing for takeoff.

"Umm, what about Sleep Powder? Sleep?" He clasped his hands together and held them next to his face, tilting his head to the side on top of them to mime a sleeping gesture.

Tangela's eyes lit up, this time clearly recognizing this ability. She stood up proudly and eagerly started preparing her move at once.

"Wait! Nonono, not here! Friendly fire!"

His raised voice startled Tangela, disrupting her move, but not before she had released a small amount of fine dust that Jordan desperately tried to fan away from his face. He was so busy trying to avoid falling asleep in the orchard, he almost forgot about the Pidgey.


Jordan warily poked his head back out through the trees, and his eyes met the Pidgey's, who was now looking directly at the pair. It looked a little confused at their presence and the little dance Jordan was doing, but once it was spotted, Its eyes widened in fear, and it immediately turned to leave.

"W- stop! Uh, Tangela, Constrict!"

Vines shot past Jordan almost instantly, narrowly missing his head. Her vines moved a lot more gracefully and accurately than her legs, as she ran forward to catch up to the rest of her appendages. She grabbed the Pidgey and it let out a small squawk as it flailed in her grasp. It clawed and pecked back as it struggled to get free, causing Tangela to yelp and snap a few vines back into her body, but the remaining vines that clutched on tightened around the Pidgey, refusing to let go.

"Sorry! I'm sorry!" Jordan yelled out awkwardly as he approached the tangle of vines and feathers with his arm outstretched, Poké Ball in hand. He wasn't sure if he was apologizing to Tangela for his poor direction, or the Pidgey for the startling and messy encounter. Probably both. Nevertheless, he threw the Poké Ball at the still-entangled Tiny Bird Pokémon and hoped for the best.

Jordan and Tangela both watched wordlessly as the ball shook, violently at first, then it gradually wiggled to a stop, and with a final click, they knew the Pokémon was finally caught.

Jordan picked up the ball gingerly, as if the Pidgey might still break out and attack them. When nothing happened, he clutched it against his chest, exhaling. Not how he imagined his first real battle to go down, but a catch is a catch.

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