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George "Rosey" Phalen
18 | Male | December 15th

Rosey is a slim-built 5'7, though his long legs and preference for clothing that sits at the natural waist make him look taller from afar. He has brown eyes and wears his pink hair in a grown-out mullet, bangs curled and teased to high heaven and the back styled to flip outwards. His fashion is pretty consistent- high waisted acid washed jeans worn cuffed to mid-calf, loose, cropped tank tops, and often a parachute jacket in fun colors. He prefers jelly shoes, of all things, in a variety of colors. His ears are pierced once in each lobe (slightly off-center because his sister did it with a needle and potato in their shed), but he doesn't always have something in. He does overload himself on accessories, but the only permanent ones are a pair of orange shutter shades that often sit on top of his head rather than over his eyes. He should be wearing prescription glasses, as his distance vision is a little rough, but how could he wear the coolest shades in existence if he did?

Rosey swears he's a little face-blind, and that's why he doesn't always recognize people at a distance, but really he's just a little physically blind and won't wear his glasses. It makes interactions a little awkward sometimes, but he's so chill that it rolls off quickly. He enjoys just vibing with people, talking about nothing and everything. He's a little airheaded though, and doesn't always remember everything he's been told. He's not the best at remembering everything to do with Pokémon either, but information does eventually worm its way into his brain and he's gotten pretty familiar with species he's spent time with. He's so easygoing that most take to him quickly, even otherwise shy or aggressive ones. And yet, he's never had a Pokémon of his own until now.

He grew up on the outskirts of Sunyshore City, down by the actual nice beaches and not the rocky mess that surrounds the city proper. Home was an easy place to be, with both parents and one set of grandparents looking after him and his four older siblings, but said kids were constantly outdoors despite that. He was interested in anything the older kids did, and was a perpetual tag-along to them and their friends. They definitely lost him a few times and put him in danger more often than not- though he was sworn to secrecy, of course, and thought it was all a grand adventure. He did well enough in school, but closed-book tests or anything that relied on memorization was a struggle, and as he got older he found himself giving up on such things more often than trying his best. He graduated as an average student, unremarkable in every way, but that was fine with him.

Starting Pokemon:
"Dollop" aka "Doll", Female Togepi
Ability: Serene Grace
Growl | Pound | Sweet Kiss | Life Dew | Morning Sun

RP Sample:
Alola, Emil!

► He collects things he thinks are neat, and is always looking to swap them with people he meets. Accessories are his go-to, but stickers, patches, bottlecaps, sparkly stones and more fill his pockets and bags at all times.
► He likes lollipops of all types, but has been told to keep them out of his mouth because they're making his teeth move in weird directions. He has reluctantly cut down but not quit.
► He's pretty aimless at the moment. Doesn't know what he wants to do and doesn't really want to think about it.
► He misses his boombox already.
► He's a pretty adept baker.
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