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    Originally Posted by thethethethe View Post
    Let me just say that Shiny Gold was the reason that I got into hacking and PC. But I found a little glitch in the game. If you haven't beaten the Cianwood Gym and come back to the olivine lighthouse and then the gym, Carlos still talks as if you have got the badge the Cianwood Gym.
    Yes, there are many "continuity" errors that I haven't thought of, because I'm used to play the game in a specific way, and I haven't prepared a plan for such situations. So, I don't consider them as glitches (though I should add them in my own list of stuff to fix)

    Originally Posted by ChrisG14 View Post
    Woot, SG is back! New tiles look a little funny, but whatever.

    Also, I hope Dirk doesn't mind, but I edited his walkthrough a bit to include some extra locations and other things. I just wanted to help a bit.

    I think you should work together with dirk if that's the case (PM him), then tell me what happened in a PM, and I'll update the walkthrough uploaded in my first post.

    Originally Posted by Barker View Post
    Awesome, glad to have another thread for this. I'm not too far, only at Goldenrod, but I love it.

    On another note.. Zel, I've been working on this for a while, I'm not too sure what you'll think about it. If you'd rather me not work on it, because of the secrets it "ruins", I'll abandon it. It only goes up to where I'm at right now (Goldenrod, again), and it's still "Version one", so it's not perfect, but..

    Yes, I read the walkthrough you did, and I was quite happy to see how you made it (though that's Noland... not Carlos >.<), I'll also post a link in my Tourist Center to have another, more graphical, option for a walkthrough.

    Originally Posted by aaronburnsyou View Post
    I recently asked someone who posted on the old thread how they got their Politoed, and they said it was by level up, although you said it evolves by one of the stones, so which is it?
    Hmmm... With a Sun Stone, most likely... But, at this rate there's people who know this better than me... O.o

    Originally Posted by Tazkaza View Post
    No, no, no. he did an AMAZING Job!!! I was just wondering about touch-ups, as he gets better at mapping.
    Well, most of my interiors (for caves) will remain as they are, because it's one of the things I'm most proud of. Then, you have the Gym's interiors, where Kike will help me once I start getting busy with my Uni, so there's work on the hack even when I can't be too concentrated on it

    I won't be revealing more things all at the same time, besides, I need to implement some of the stuff, and right now I'm more interested on keeping mapping and scripting the story (well, I'm done with Celadon's Outside, now I need to script everything there)

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