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    Originally Posted by OMNIPOTENT View Post
    strikeout -> already done
    bold -> current working
    normal -> next working

    about the kurtz twins glitch, it's gettin' worse. now i was in the victory road, i go back out and went to violet city, the union cave, lapras, slowpoke well, scientist, then kurtz. (just to let u know my process, dunno if it's truly relevant)
    i go in with my lone blue apricorn. see around, no kurtz's brother in the house. talk to kurtz, give him the apricorn. take a step right! kurt'z brother has come from under the table and is working!
    maybe the bug is always there (not only for me) but you all haven't noticed it cause u need to go one step right to see kurtz's working place? check.

    then i've 3 place with tiles problem: 2 solid block that shouldn't be solid (they'r grass and empty space) one in the route north of the first route (coming from the dragon city, in the two camping guys little square, under the headbutt tree), one in the route to victory road (in the big grass area around the weekly family house, in the up-left corner, the two grass tiles partially covered by the tree); and some reflecting rocks tiles in mt mortar (they are rock but there's the water-like reflex). tell me if u need screenshots.

    just a thing: the victory road. that's AWESOME. i think i'm gonna cry when i'll finally reach the exit. nice job guy.

    EDIT: a thing for the shiny script. if it can help, if u use continue (i didn't, using the emulator's istant saving) it's shot off. if you can't set the flag when losing against the gyarados, maybe some kind of save-and-restart like the E4's one?

    P.s. i didn't cry :D but now i'v rescued the girl on s.s.aqua... and i'm gonna cry again XD u'r a f***in genius zel

    EDIT2: only for zel (may spoil )
    In sea cavern, the last warp before entering the "building" where u meet rockets, the cave-doors warp u simply passing in front of them, not entering

    and (i haven't read this in the other bugs) a lot of warps in caverns and likely (special warps and stairs) don't stop you so u'r warped while still walking (just an oddity)

    EDIT3: it's normal all those bugged tiles right of the snorlax in the beta? O_O
    Well, there are some things that seem to be bugs (the Kurt thing I'll have to investigate it, it's quite a long script, so there can be some errors, I know)

    Tiling stuff, meh... And blocking stuff, well, I'll check them out.

    I'll do something to fix the shiny error (though why seems like it doesn't call the setting off of the shiny flag is something really misterious to me... I think I may have an idea of something that could fix it... although, since I never found this problem, I'll not be sure about it)

    The warping thing is fine, believe it or not. I'll be that way, tile changing stuff...

    No comments about the EDIT3, pretty obvious that I haven't worked on that route...

    Originally Posted by john55 View Post
    I have a qustion by any chance will you change the pokemart music to R/S/E song or possibly the D/P version of it, becuase if I remember correctly the stores actually had the towns song(the town you happen to be in)in the original game. Becuase so far like firered youve been using the pokecenter song. Just wondering.
    I think I was following the FR-style for the Marts (I think it plays the FR's PC BGM, but I may change it in the future)

    Originally Posted by scythemaster View Post
    hey zel, i have shiny gold for gameboy advance (don't ask how) and it won't save, and the map is all messed up.
    I don't really care if you have the pirate version. Sorry.

    Originally Posted by girifarig View Post
    Hey, Zel, I was just wondering are you going to make Mt. Moon all one level like in gold or will you keep all three levels and use the lower ones for an event or make one of them into that summit mart thing?
    Nope, I like (besides scripting), mapping complicated caves and that kind of stuff, so expect a totally different Mt.Moon this time. It's still not decided how it would look, because I'm far away of reaching that place in my Gold.

    Originally Posted by Adammac View Post
    Hey, what about Mew and Jirachi?
    They have their events (last time in the old thread I posted they'd have an event in common, but I decided to change my mind)

    By the way, regarding Jirachii...

    It'll show up in the next Beta, but it'll be pretty hard to actually realize how to get it...

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