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    Whoo! 100th post!
    Well, I figured this could go here: it really annoys me when people post recruitment threads when they haven't done much work yet.
    Especially when their list of needed staff goes like this:
    What is the thread creator doing? They're just getting other people to make the game for them. Thinking of names/a region map/characters does not help much - in my opinion, it just limits the actual staff. If I was working for a project like that, I'd just kick the 'leader' out.
    For example, for my project, I alone am scripting, mapping, spriting and designing. A team leader must be prepared to work on the game as well.
    I encourage anyone helping one of those so-called 'projects' to abandon it for a more organised project with a useful leader until the 'leader' of the 'project' actually does something to help.