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Originally Posted by Wichu View Post
it really annoys me when people post recruitment threads when they haven't done much work yet.
Especially when their list of needed staff goes like this:
What is the thread creator doing? They're just getting other people to make the game for them. Thinking of names/a region map/characters does not help much - in my opinion, it just limits the actual staff. If I was working for a project like that, I'd just kick the 'leader' out.
For example, for my project, I alone am scripting, mapping, spriting and designing. A team leader must be prepared to work on the game as well.
I encourage anyone helping one of those so-called 'projects' to abandon it for a more organised project with a useful leader until the 'leader' of the 'project' actually does something to help.
Although I am only mapping,eventing,thinking of plot/names and choose/make the music, Wichu's note is way important. Oh, yeah, do not forget the promises that are never made... *Ahem*
And about mispellings... JUST... be careful?

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