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    I would just like to say this sounds like the best idea I have heard since I was in Seventh grade when I first heard the rumour of catching pikablu or if beat the elite 4 25 times and talke to professor oak 50 times and beat the elite 4 again he would appear at the hall of winners and give a "gym building set" and then you could talk to man in Vermillion City and he would let you build a gym where his pokemon was flatening land for 50000 pokedollars. I hope see a beta and a full version as soon as it is ready.

    Originally Posted by Antwhan View Post
    good god, how many years has it been... classic secrets....

    the time i spent on cinibar...all those haunters...gaaahhh

    the one time i actually caught misingno and wnet through sending my game in to get it fixed, and they sent it bck as a restarted version w/ charizard insead of my beloved i had to start all over...

    being able to rly hve missingno would make my day

    cant wait to play this
    I never had a problem with Missingno or M##[email protected]!!1 or M or any of the M glicthes on the coast of cinnabar. It never made my game screwy at all.

    Originally Posted by KohitsuMori View Post
    Well, maybe since you'll only be able to play this game on emulators,
    Not necessarily if you have a Flash cart you can play this a on real gameboy and it is very possible to trade between emulators.
    Finally getting into gen 6.

    Looking for HA Mons
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