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Originally Posted by deadlyangel91792 View Post
sweet the betas out i take it we can use mikachu???
Yes, Mikachu is your starter.

Originally Posted by ~Undefined~ View Post
i played the beta... It was pretty good, but having two gyms in the first two towns probably isn't the best. I noticed a few mistakes/bugs in the game
-On route 1 there is a few squares of land that you can't walk through
-the bug catcher that doesnt battle that is walking around in the grass beneath a house in route 2 misspells "sorry". Instead he says "soorry".
-On route 2 nearer to the bottom, there is a tree above a short fence that you can walk through half of the tree.

Thats all I noticed.
I loved Mikachu, even if it is a bit cheesey. I can't wait for the next beta.
Ok. Thanks for the bug report. I'll add it.

Originally Posted by Sk8er Prince View Post
The Gyms are too near, and that's what you need to change.

The OW Sprites aren't that good, especially with the Hero/Heroine,

which I only see they have Palette Changes.
I'm not good at OWs, and they're not simple Pallette changes. I went through EVERY VARIATION of the sprite and changed what I needed to change because back when I started this, I didn't know that all that could be edited with simple HEX.

Bugfix version Beta 1.02 will come out shortly. Look for it!

P.S. Thanks to Blazichu to movin g my thread here from the Scrapbox and adding that i had Beta 1 released.

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