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    Hello people, yea you read it correct, I (Mitchel1) has created a new rom-base for all of you ^^ With new pallet and tiles ^^
    I hope you like it ^^
    but remember.... give credits ^^ thnx in advance
    Also commant this rom-base, please.
    But this rom-base doesn't have only new tiles, it has also a new map ^^ (Created by me :))
    you can find this map on the name: New Pallet Town
    This map has made, and only made for this rom-base ^^ feel free to change it ;)
    But it has also a new Boot screen from D/P/P ^^ (This boot screen is still black/white but you can change the collors ^^)
    Enjoy ^^
    Map (a full view on the tiles + new map

    New boot screen of D/P/P

    in-game screen of this rom-base ^^

    ~Credits for tiles or/and pallets:
    ~ Pey
    ~ Kyledove
    ~ Alexmad
    ~ That lab you'll see i don't know exacully who has created it, if it's you say it now. then i'll place you also by the credits ;)


    Hope you like it and that you'll enjoy it ^^