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    Really, Haruki. I have to agree with Zeikku. I'm not leaving PC, but we are all entitled to our opinions, and you seem to not care. Like Zeikku stated, "If it aint broken don't fix it". As members of this forum, we can see enough. I'm not saying the old way was flawless, it needed SOMETHING done to alter the course it was taking, but not like this. This is a step in the wrong direction, if you ask me. You opinion on Zeikku's hack not progressing, you don't know the half of it. If you would read his posts he made a great deal of progress, just to be wiped out by bugs, and re-formatting. Don't just assume things without looking deeper. I have lost my respect for this board, and most of the staff. There are a select few that still deserve my respect(Thrace, Blazichu).
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