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    Originally Posted by An-chan View Post
    Did you see that? I know an English idiom even though I'm a non-native! Rock on!
    *high fives!*

    Then, why can't the data on a Pokéball be deleted?
    Actually, I take this into consideration with my fanfiction. There is a possibility that, as data stored via the Storage System, Pokemon could possibly be deleted. Likewise, they could be "lost in transit" (either deleted or diverted to another computer), but the Storage System has an incredibly complex security network (equipped with just as many failsafes to transfer Pokemon data to different servers in emergencies) to prevent such a thing to happen by accident. (Plot bunnies have played around with the idea of hackers getting into the system, but I've never really sat down to write that as amusing as it would be to imagine Bill royally pissed.)

    Outside of the system, because a Poke Ball doesn't come with a delete function itself, the Pokemon inside can't be erased unless the ball itself is damaged.

    Why can't they reuse Pokéballs?
    It's possible that they could, but it's simply easier to destroy the ball to release the Pokemon inside. Otherwise, it's possible that they could be wiped via PC. (After all, has anyone really seen Ash buy new Poke Balls?)

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    XD Yes. Because cats inherently hate us.
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