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Originally Posted by KiraIchigo View Post
The game sounds awsome but I think I'll wait to play it untill the next beta comes out. Could you PM me when it does?
Sure! I'll add you onto a (just started) list.

Originally Posted by minchan View Post
Hi! I just played the beta... It's really good! I'm no expert on anything when it comes to hacking so I can't really give much feedback... But I liked it a lot, and can't wait for the next release!

I found a tile that I can't walk through that I should be able to. Maybe you wanna check it out - it's the one my character is looking at in the following screen shot.

I discovered it earlier, but I was too far in the game to fix it. Just walk around it until the next Beta.

Originally Posted by ~Undefined~ View Post
Oh good, it's nice to see some more posting, I was worried a bit then.

Hope it's going well.
Yup, it is!

Originally Posted by .Pichu-kun View Post
It's been a few days since someone has posted here, and I played the beta.
I must say, I loved it!
Every script was really cool, and, though Mikachu seemed like a's experience gain was hard, but the stats seemed similar to those of the average level 5 starter, which was good!
The sprite was a mere edit, with the ears, and a nice mixture on the sprite between pink and yellow would've been cool too, but, that's okay.

I laughed when I just saw a ton of Police men every where saying the same thing! xD
I look forward to playing the next beta, and hopefully you haven't given up.

Well, good luck~
Hey, thanks for the awesome review! As I've already said, "No, I haven't given up."

Originally Posted by axelrulezyeah View Post
hey i played the beta and it was great but il tell u some things i would change
1.the first pokemon gym should be in the town after where you placed it with the gyms pokemon at least lv 9 - 10
2.the mikachu sprite which i sent you
3.put more encounters and only the first evo of pokemon in the first few grass patches.
4.besides this it was a great hack and i loved it
5.if you liked my mikachu can you let me try and remake the rival sprite for you
6.oh and can you please tell me the unlz number for the hero back sprite
1. No, I like my order better, but now the second gym is farther away.
2. I'm doing that now.
3. Done.
4. Thanks!
5. Sure! The thing is, don't remake it directly; that is to say, let me send you a request by PM with more specific details and you can get started.
6. The hero backsprite's not on Un-Lz! There's a tutorial on how to edit it here.

Well, guys, thanks for supporting my hack! It might have started out small, but, slowly, it got better until a lot of people saw it and played it (namely, you guys!) and helped me find many glitches in the game. Thanks to some people who sent me sprites and those people who have helped me with scripts and all those whose tutorials I use frequently. Also, thanks to the guy that started me on the road to hacking: zel!

Expect new screenshots coming later on in the week!

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