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    Originally Posted by Neo-Dragon View Post
    Is that just artwork or do you have a dual screen script with the controls to do this?
    It would be interesting if this was an actual game in development- ya know, since this is the game development section.
    Mouse controls would really work for this.
    If not, I think the design should be changed a bit if your using arrow keys to navigate.
    Or maybe use

    Also, why is the pokedex there? I think that should be removed with maybe the option to quick withdraw the pokemon and make a run for it if your getting beat (or just want to bail).
    Yes it is a working version with a mouse click controle for the bottom screen and yes it is for an in development game, and thanks for pointing that out about the withdraw button I knew that something is missing. A lot is still to be done on it coding wise and some graphical but its getting there thanks for the support