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1. I think I've seen them before, not sure.
2. Maaz. We've had some very strange VMs. XD
3. VMed me a few times.
4. Fiiii! :D Probably viewed my profile because I viewed hers or because we were VMing each other. XD
5. Emily! :D She was probably just stalking me, like I stalk her. (Is that creepy? I don't care.)
6. Derk. He probably viewed my profile due to our conversation in the CS DCC. XD
7. Arian only viewed my profile because I told him on MSN that a certain stalker wasn't on my last 10. Since Went is on here, that obviously meant him. XD
8. I dunno why munna viewed my profile.
9. Ein! :D He's a creepy furry, pedophile, and stalker. He was probably stalking me when he viewed my profile (then again, don't most friends stalk each other? XD).
10. Went stalks everyone, obviously. Although, I don't see him on my last 10 that often. XD
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