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    Originally Posted by giradialkia View Post
    Pity it doesn't work on XP yet. I hope there'll eventually be a Day/Night system that can change the Battle Backgrounds' Palettes too. After DPPt, I personally find it a little wierd to go from a night map to a battle in broad daylight. Although since everyones been doing RTC's for FRLG (well.. You know, there's at least two within the past few days), it's awesome that you're adding support for that too. I hope you can fix the XP problems soon.
    The only problem about making specific battle backgrounds for certain times of the day is that you would need to have 3 more sets for the morning ,afternoon and night to be implemented into the day/night system and I'm sure it would be very hard to do that considering that FR/LG does not have a RTC in the first place.