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Originally Posted by JPAN View Post
The problem is that there is no Image data for me to copy from one game to the other. While I could create a well-oiled system, without sprites to show, it would look bad. As I have no sprites to include, nor am I capable of making my own, I can't complete this project.

So, In a short sentence, as I have no Spriting skills, and there aren't any ready-made sprites to use, I can't complete this.

^Berry tree sprites. I think they're from D/P but number 43 is the last berry in the third generation, the Enigma Berry.

Oh, one more thing. Maybe a hatch egg command? Could be useful for a very expensive incubator type script. And just a quick question, it's prolly what I'm thinking, but I just want to make sure. All the commands regarding encrypting and decrypting the selected Pokemon work on eggs right? I can modify an egg's IVs and such just like any other Pokemon right?
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