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    Originally Posted by iTeruri View Post
    Thanks for the explanation on the item hack. I got it to work, however when you register the item (it's a key item) and use select to use the item, the screen keeps flashing and the rest of the game is frozen (you can't do anything).
    That is because the Item scripting routine was prepared for most hacked items, and not key items registered in select. The difference being one need to take you out of the bag, the other doesn't. For the first case (normal "use" press), you needed to get out of the bag, and so it does. In the second ("select" press), the routine will try to exit the bag for you, and as you aren't in a bag, that causes a large mess. It would be easy, then, to fix it: remove the bag-exit. So, we come to two solutions here. either a new, separate function for key items, or a single function for both normal and key-pressed items. I vote for the second, as all it would take would be adding a "if not OW, call bag exit" type of code.

    Originally Posted by Full Metal View Post
    uh...the guide fully explained how to change the OW of the player, but what i would like to know is how to use different pallettes for the male/female character? For me, changing the pallette of one changes the pallette of the other, is the ability to not do that available with your engine and i just missed it?
    This question covers many aspects of OW hacking. Let's assume a palette A for the hero, and B for the heroine. Both the heroine's and hero' s Slot is, by default, 0. If you try and change the sprite from the hero to the heroine one, when the sprite is finally loaded, the palettes should have been replaced, and no harm visible. Just remember that lots of icons use palette slot 0 as their color default (the pop-up ! box comes to mind), so make sure the edits don't turn it into something hideous.
    Now, we assume we have both OW's (male and female) in the scene at once. As the palette slot is the same for them both, the one loaded first will be your player, and the second the opposite gender normal OW (your OW is always loaded first). As the second sprite is loaded last, it's its palette that is loaded in the screen, and your hero changes colors. This is not a byproduct of the hack, or anything like this, but rather a wrong configuration of the OW data. Simply change the OW slot to keep them both in their original colors.

    Originally Posted by Deokishisu
    Oh, one more thing. Maybe a hatch egg command? Could be useful for a very expensive incubator type script. And just a quick question, it's prolly what I'm thinking, but I just want to make sure. All the commands regarding encrypting and decrypting the selected Pokemon work on eggs right? I can modify an egg's IVs and such just like any other Pokemon right?
    First of all, thanks for the sprites. After I insert them, I should be able to complete a rudimentar berry system. It will take a while, though.
    As for the egg hatch command, check special 0xc1(no animation hatch) and 0xc2 (normal hatch routine). And yes, an egg is a normal pokemon, only one that has the egg flag set in the miscelaneous data. As such, any of the pokemon editing specials will affect eggs (and, suprisingly enough, even healt and pp related ones, leading to stuff like fainted eggs that can't be healed)
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