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    Originally Posted by JPAN View Post
    On a slightly related sidenote, I have finished the routines and data that would make a RTC-clock based berry system work. But after 8 hours of trying to index and insert the berry tree sprites, I came to the definite conclusion that I am incapable of putting OW sprites in a ROM through a PNG or BMP image.
    So, if anyone out there wants to try, I would need as many trees as you can get working in a rom, with a total of 9 different palettes maximum. Make it over the data of any 16x32 Sprite, to make the transaction easier.
    Maybe it's because those tree sprites are actually from D/P. I'll try some on my end tomorrow and if worse comes to worse, I'll find a GBA berry tree sprite sheet. I'm not sure what format you'd want it in though. The indexed images in a png file or a patch with them already inserted somewhere. I assume only the images would be easier on my part, seeing as I wouldn't have to worry about where to put the various frames in the ROM, all you'd have to do is import the indexed images the way you'd want them.
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