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Originally Posted by Sora's Nobody View Post
I Love this tool, and i use it all the time! But how do you make a sprite library?
-Using a NSl-
NSL's are meant to be a faster ,cleaner way to backup, tranfer, upload ,or send sprites and their palettes.

Navigate to the sprite you want to export (ie, Index: 0, Index: 34, Index: 151)
In the file menu (top bar) select "export" and "export sprite library" or just press Crtrl-E
Save it somewhere

Navigate to the sprite you want to overwrite (Same examples as above)
When you want to use the NSL goto file (top bar) select "import" and "import sprite library"
Click load and then select your file,
You can save individual frames, the palette, or all frames and the palette.

If your wondering on the NSL format...
Originally Posted by link12552 View Post

NSL files are currently formatted as such:
  • Source location or author, followed by a ":" x char(s)
  • Palette in GBA format followed by a "#" 64 + 1 char(s)
  • Image data for each frame in the GBA format but reversed for drawing speed, y char(s)
Final size: x + y + 64 + 1
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