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    Originally Posted by Hybrid Trainer View Post
    Downoaded it and it looks kust like another OW editor, nothing special about it.
    There's allot special about NSE,
    Some of the most distinguishing features are:
    • NSE uses the game's built in sprite table
    • Editing a character's preferences(Size, Image pointers, and Display Data)
    • A palette editor, with access to all sprite palettes
    • Offset browsing (view any uncompressed image, optional palette(Which can then be changed) and gray scale) < Used from editing tiles and animations, to text boxes, back sprites and a ton of other things
    • Import and export bitmaps to an offset or sprite
    • A built in hex editor (Pointers for each sprite embedded)
    • Dynamic pointers, for correct palette usage in game
    • Support for re-pointed sprites, palettes and tables (even JPAN's engine)
    • Embedded offsets and an optional settings.ini
    • Access to every available sprite and several unavailable ones (ex. Dive in firered)
    Not to mention NSE can do all the same things as any-other OW editor (in many cases in a better way), and NSE is still being actively worked on...

    Originally Posted by Darkerm View Post
    This is very usefull tool for the hacker. Btw. Can I replace Player Backsprite and battle background sprite with it? Thanks for the tool.
    1. Glad to hear you think its useful
    2. Player backsprites, yes
    3. Battle background sprites, possibly (certain parts can be edited, differences in different rom versions is a factor to consider)

    Originally Posted by diegoisawesome View Post
    A really good feature to have would be not running of of settings.ini and starting off to the default sprite table. Users could be able to input their own sprite table directly in the program. Maybe palettes would still need a settings.ini, but otherwise...

    Good to hear new ideas,
    Part of the problem of loading from the default sprite table is, What if somebody has completely removed it.

    Options to edit the pointers NSE is using ( Sprite Tables, Palette Tables, ect) could, and might be added soon
    -Expect to see in 1.7 possibly

    Originally Posted by Tropical Sunlight View Post
    I'm really hoping to see an "add frames" function =)
    Me too,
    but yeah, I'm working on it.
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